Jack is Ass



Yeah i know its very early (day 1 lol) but hear me out.

At first hes notmals look awesome with just amazing range but then you play people find out that.

  1. Slow Start up.
  2. Slow in general
  3. Ass Priority
  4. Hes “best pokes” get stuffed free. He can’t frame trap (like say Sim) even one bit.

Hes only good air to air attack is j.lp which is pathetic.If you use anything else most chars will just beat you air to air no problem every time.
Hes air to ground is pretty awful too, you really should’t be jumping at people at all.

The air to air thing would be fine if he fucking had any remotely useful ground anti air normals (like rog c.hp, rolento s.mp ect ect). He has none. Nothing even slight useful there.

Hes only AA is hes m. h. and EX dp which have some decen invincability but the angle is odd and its not nearley enough to to protect him from jump happy players.

On to the specials.

Hes HSS is ass. I main honda in AE… its not as nearly as good. You are a big minus on block, and even wen you hit it KDs so your oponent can just roll away. Basiclly you can’t do any pressuere on hit or on block. Oh and you can’t play footsies with jab HHS because hes walk speed is abysmal, the c.lp has all the problems I’ve listed before. You pretty much need to your oponent to walk in to the jab, not press any normals and stop blocking all at the same time… Just LOL.

Hes punch special has similar range and priority like hes normal S.HP, its slow and has no invincability.Its ass.

Hes “fire ball” its okish (but not really). You can do good damage if you hit it and tag but its so easy to jump over it and it has a lot of recovery. + people will be jumping on you way too much anyway becasue of hes the lack of anti airs and ari to airs.

Hes rush is good vs fireballs and in combos but having in mind all the problmes he has its not that big a deal at all.

The DP is the only quite good thing he has imo but again, too many other problems to care.

Can go on but don’t want to make this post too long.

P.S. He fly things is literary worst and less useful then the tount super jump that Dan does in Sf4…



He’s a jackass.


It’s day one. Wait , let the game morph, then pick the game apart again.


Don’t listen to anything in the OP…ill explain in the morning about jack x…

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So I imagine you couldn’t have played him for more than a day, and then make an odd comparison between him and Honda because what, he has the costume?

Who says his mash punch has to be the same as Hondas to be good? Who says he has to have a good air to air? You mentioned his shitty air hover, it does have armor and attack to go through air moves, why couldn’t that work?

The idea that you would say his air normals is super confusing. Have you not seen his j.FP/RH?

Try to explore how you can use new options to win a match, instead of getting frustrated in less than 24 hours that he doesn’t play how you think he should.


No ff+1 elbow?
No tombstone?
No megaton uppercut?


But honestly, I’m liking him so far. He should be played as a zoner for me. D+LP,HP looks like a good footsie tool.


Mp uppercut is the best for anti-air, although of course you need to have decent reactions. Jab can work but not sure if it’s worth the risk of getting pommeled. What I’ve been doing is blocking air attacks and then using a reversal HP dp. You can then juggle with another LP dp, then tag cancel that into whatever…

The problem I’m having is just oki to be honest, getting in and using the overhead or low to set up mixups is the hardest part at the moment. I think jumping HK will be one of his best ways of getting in, move has mad priority and is really hard to AA. Basically all jack needs is meter, and to force someone to block, then he can set up his team mate to get in. Will take time to figure everything out though, cossack kicks are pretty good upclose actually, although I have no clue what the followup is for since it doesn’t combo.

Best juggle combo I’ve found is st.hp > lp DP x 3 > tag cancel, nasty.

Edit - oh I finally found the use of the cossack smash. The cossack kicks hit low, and the cossack smash hits as an overhead, and crumples the opponent if it hits. That’s a cute little mixup. Smash is heavily unsafe though. This will be good for mindgames for sure!


My Jack really suck so far, but I see how he can be good! His lp dp seems pretty safe on block, and seismo as well (and it seems freaking hard to alpha counter, if possible at all)

I have had problems with opponents pressuring so far, and dont really want to mash dp. Its hard to AA online atleast. Also, I havent found a good way to put pressure on opponents wake up, or found a good pressure string with jack.

Things I find interesting:
-seismo being hard to alpha counter
-lp dp being relatively safenon block
-cossack kick string into overhead crumple
-c.lp - c.hp target combo being pretty safe
-hp in the end of target comboes is kara cancelable into ex moves or super
-lp dp - lp dp launcher works
-almost full screen armor tackle to punish fireballs as well as super
-wiffable target comboes for great range
-awesome instant overheads that you can tag cancel into ground comboes. Example:

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In the instant overhead is sick, seems some characters benefit more from it than others. I’ve been using Jack Abel and the timing is pretty tight for him to connect jabs after the overhead.


Nice stuff on the iOH.

For solo combos I’ve been using j.HK, s.HP xx LP dp, s.LP, s.MK,MP,MP - 500 dmg meterless. Anyone have anything better?

For switch combos I imagine double rocket uppers into tag or something would be best. Bringing him in s.LP s.MK,MP,MP seems to be the best damage option.


Just to clarify, that video I linked is Alioune’s. As for comboes I use:
j.hk st.hp xx lp dp c.mp xx tackle for 485 dmg or so
As for tag comboes I use either
j.hk st.hp xx lp dp lp dp launcher or j.hk st.hp xx lp dp lp dp lp seismo xx tag cancel


I don’t think there’s been another character like this one in any other capcom fighter. Jack is a slow, zoning, high damage character that’s weak up close. The closest thing I can think of is dhalsim. Jack is a pretty nifty robot overall.


Can anyone else post in the other threads? Cause I can’t lol. Is this where everyone is discussing Jack then? I agree with wiregod, I think Jack is meant to be played as a zoner rather than trying to get in for big damage like say a Hugo. Speaking of Hugo can you imagine the damage that both of them would do on a team? Anyways, what has everyone been using as a get off me move? Mp.dp? Shoulder tackle? I haven’t played around with him too much but any oh his ex moves give him invincibility?


@Dhalsim comparison: I tweeted this to Arturo on May 18th after trying DLC characters:
Harald E Skatvedt ‏[S]@[/S]HaraldES
[S]@[/S]nycfurby Your character nr 2 should be Jack! Tank, great damage, zoning tools. Maybe not great normals, but sim+jack might be good!

Now he seem to be interested in this team! I love to be right:D


Here’s a combo vid I made with Abel and Jack, hopefully it gives you some ideas on what you can do with your own team :slight_smile:



He’s not that great on point, but he’s awesome when used as a partner since he has absurd damage and great tag potential.


You know it’s high damage when it makes Hugo’s damage pale in comparison. I’m kinda’ interested in playing around with Jack myself - not normally my type of character, but I cannot ignore that damage. :eek:

Also, best music ever.


I agree, Jack-X is best placed as 2nd for tag in combo 4 huge damage.

If you play jack, often have to mid range zone and block alot. Plus, he can deal well against runaway players/zoners. I am having a hard time playing against dhalsim as Jack-X.


I was two seconds away from making the same thread.

Basically Jack lacks the tools to compete. I’ll explain. He cant deal with rush down or cross ups. He lacks a quick attack and his AA is is unreliable once they get inside a certain range. For some reason, his lp is high. His mk is also high, making mk, mp, mp risky. Mk also has wonky range, making c lp, mk unreliable outside of juggles.

Jacks armor hit, hcf hk, is weak and can be launch punished. High risk, low reward. It has it’s uses, but absorbing a normal hit is not one of them, which is what makes Hugo’s so useful. It’s basically great against projectiles and for running away from people jumping. When they jump, I do hcf hk. So far it’s working.

Jack is a turtle char.,in the sense that he moves exactly like a turtle. Could he be any slower?

His flight, sit down move seems pretty crappy.

His overhead, f lk?, is garbage.

Ending combos with c lp, mk,mp,mp is what I use most.

Anyone who falls for kosac kicks to mid is either an idiot or wasn’t paying attention.

I want to use jack, but they aren’t making it easy.

IMO, if you like jack, you’ll love Hugo.


I use him on point with Hugo in the back. Getting crazy amount of hatemail. Win% is 93% so far after about 30 matches. People just don’t know the match up yet. Shotos and ravens get sooooo confused when you out zone them lol.