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I think that Guile is a match made in heaven for him.

Easy ABC combo’s, and he’s got great normals.
Plus when you get that lifelead you can turtle in the corner with Guile, wait for that mistake and tag-in Jack for a long combo.


jack / ibuki (order match up dependant)

602 1 meter jack starting (off jump in)
517 1 meter ibuki starting (off jump in)

442 off mp seismo 1 meter
410 off fp seismo 1 meter

447 anti air 1 meter ibuki starting
402 anti air 1 meter jack starting

many more practical damaging setups…but these win most my matches.

don’t tell anyone ibuki is secret top tier

they hurt…a lot

EDIT: ibuki’s launcher hits the opponent high enough for jack to enter with fp…this doesnt work with many other characters I play (specifically julia


I might be post/editing, but I’ll go ahead and chip in Gief and Jack X. Russian Space Technology, since Jack’s upper and Gief’s Lariat send the opponent into orbit. They seem to mesh so well, with each covering the other’s weaknesses. Jack’s zoning and air control help a lot when gief’s Lariat and hk get stuffed, while Gief’s quick grabs and absolute CQC domination help jack at his weakest, being point blank range. Low-cost and easy to land combos make Gief and Jack a good beginner combo for people a bit new to the game. With each comes a lot of options during combos for players to explore possible alternatives they are more comfortable with or that create a more favorable position. Theres also a lot of tech traps on switch if you know what your doing, which I’ll probably explain below. High stamina on both mixed with Gief’s suprising mobility will allow you to work the opponent’s choices against them.

To start, some pretty much free combos to work with (for beginners to the combos, of course.)

Body Splash to magic series xx lk mk mp mp
Body Splash to magic series xx lp upper into any upper
Body Splash to magic series xx lp upper into hp gatling
Body Splash to magic series xx lp upper into lp seimso

(more coming soon)


I play Dhalsim x Jack, because I want a damaging character to cover Dhalsim’s damage output weakness. Jack isn’t as good as Hugo when it comes to that, but he instead lets me zone with both of my characters, which I enjoy!

Team spesific stuff for these guys:
After launching in Jack, I often do this: lp dp > gatling xx tag cancel xx run cancel lp fireball > crossup teleport/non-crossup teleport.
If the opponent does a slow wake up, he will be stuck in a mean teleport mixup, if he tries to roll the crossup teleport will make him unable to (If I do it perfectly, which is really hard, so they get to roll more than I’d like, but I haven’t found a better set up. Telle me if you got ideas). If they quick rises, I still am 2/3 screen away with a fireball heading for them, ready to continue zoning! Some of you might want to argue that this is a poor use of meter as I don’t do that much damage, and then just tags sim back again, but I am more comfortable with him and I get a set up out of it, and with my 3 meter gems on dhalsim, meter isn’t that much of a problem.

For comboes, I can launch into Jack > lp dp > hp dp xx tag cancel > mummy > c.mp xx hp flame

I also enjoy Jacks seismo and dp zoning a lot with Dhalsim as my partner, as I can tag off of dps to get comboes, and tag off of seismos both on block and hit to get into zoning position with a fireball run cancel full screen away from the opponent!

Also, a technique I developed with Dhalsim x Hugo that carries over to Jack who actually does it better (Waste of meter, but still an option), is my “Yoga Gimlet”:stuck_out_tongue: I can do Yoga Sniper (instant overhead with j.FP) from about half screen away, and tag cancel this into Jack, and run cancel straight into super. This is a scary option to have.


been playing team tekken bryan(point)/jack(anchor)

Lots of fun, lots of damage. They excel at midrange and out. They are pretty abysmal against close range pressure without meter, or a gamble.

nice AA tag cancels that do 300+


I am running the same thing but unsure who the better point is: I use meter a little more with Bryan but I find him stronger in the neutral game rounds start in and I can tag Jack in for full screen easily. Some pretty nasty if situational oki with both characters too.

Was worried about the lack of close range, but Jack has some tricks there if used sparingly and it will be a goal to improve never letting the opponent in in the first place.

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I’ve been playing Jack X/Heihachi, with meter gems on Jack and power gems on Heihachi. I’m finding this to be a fantastic pairing for a number of reasons.

Every launchable chain (Jack has some range issues on his launcher) leads to 400+ damage before gems and meter. 500+ damage is pretty typical for 1 bar, and 600+ for 2 bars. Jack zones and builds meter, and once he has one bar, seismos and AA dps both turn into big damage and Heihachi mixing you up from point blank range.

One thing I’ve consistently looked for in terms of team synergy is the ability to kill a 1000 health character in 2 combos in reasonably attainable situation. This team has that in spades, especially when you consider the damage Jack does off a few pokes or seismos. A sequence of events I’ve been trying to make happen, especially in 2nd and 3rd rounds when I have meter to spare, is:

-Jack pokes you a few times as you’re approaching.

-You get hit by a seismo or dp that tags in Heihachi.

-Heihachi mixes you up and you die.

Some team specifics:

Because of the big horizontal hitbox on Heihachi’s j.hk, he can land a crossup j.hk after tagging in from Jack’s hp dp, and finish with a setup that deals with just about anything.

eg. :hp: dp, tag, j.:hk:, cl. :hp: xx :lp: dp, cl. :hk: into ambiguous crossups, +10 meaties, and standing overheads which can lead to a dead character with meter.

Off Heihachi’s hk Hell Axle, Jack gets

:hk: Hell Axle (tag first hit), j.:mp: (2 hits), cl. :hp: xx :hk: tackle.


Jack/Hugo is what I’ve been running.

Jack AA HP upper, LP upper~TC, Hugo c.LP xx clap, backbreaker is 418. Super instead of backbreaker is 572, which is 3 bars but good damage for an AA. I also usually end up with a ton of bars using Jack, since he doesn’t have much need for it outside of TC.

Jack jump in I get 538 for one bar. 470 no bar.

For Hugo

-jumpin I can do 664 for 1 bar. 519 for no bar.
-347 off a Lariat for 1 bar.

Basically I zone with Jack until I get some meter, then I tag into Hugo (usually off of an AA or seismo). When people decide they want to stay away from Hugo, I usually get a chance to raw tag into Jack and begin zoning again. Damage is solid here, and I use Hugo mostly because he’s my best char.

Messing with Heihachi too, I ran Hugo/Heihachi before the DLC and it does seem pretty solid as eDane says.


I play this team, bra. Too good.

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I’m rocking Jack and Dudley at the moment. loving this team.


Me and a friend have found a new team and it seems to be working, Cody and Jack


Jack and Cody sounds better. Just saying :slight_smile:


I’m still learning more Cody BnBs and haven’t (but will) learn Jack. Why do you say Jack should be on point? Any advice? Both of us are trying to level up, we play on xbox live.


Jack is more of a zoner character, he doesn’t have the potential to make comebacks say like Jin, Kazuya, Lili.


But don’t you feel he is a good anchor if you have a zoning character on point too? The comeback potential is there with his super hitting anything in the air full screen (Even though it doesn’t do amazing damage… Without gems at least:P)


Ryu can do that too, does more damage also and is faster, but isn’t a anchor character.
Jack kinda sucks, his dp doesn’t reach on his head, making people jump for free, why the hell does Juri have cr. hp that cause juggle?


I did some re testing with with jack’s super, and I am back to thinking it is 3 frames. I just think I used a move that was described wrong on block, in the fram guide the first time.


Try punishing something that you know is definitly, without a doubt, -3 etc

I have the Brady Guide so ill try some stuff out


Ok SO…

I was playing with Min and I just Switched back to Raven for shits and Raven - Jack X is a very strong team. Strong Keepaway…REALLY STRONG keepaway. I got Cross Assault twice in one round because the meter gain. Its really strong. IM gonna lab with this to see how strong it is.