Jackie chan breaks concrete while holding an egg

wtf? jackies still got it.

holy shit. I had to watch through that part at least 3 times just to make sure I wasn’t tripping lol. I even tried to pause it at the exact time his arm hit the concrete, that was amazing!

Holy shit.

jackie chan is awesome.

chan the man

No fucking way. When I first read the title, I thought it’d be Jackie breaking the bricks while holding the egg in his other hand. What he did in that video is crazy good.


holy physics breaking shenanigans batman!

I was impressed even more that Jackie Chan spoke German.

There was a video of him from his old cartoon that had him stating that he can speak several languages, but he can’t do them fluently.


Ahaha toooo cool :lovin:

people have been saying it was actually german and the host was translating.

That was freaking AWESOME, MAN!!!

Soft touch yet powerful. He’s cool.

Led me to this vid of this guy’s top ten J. Chan stunts. Left my jaw dropped for the last 3 or 4:


i liked his behind the scenes movie he did. it gave you a good look at what hes doing and it had good production value. anyone remember the title?

Jackie Chan My Stunts