Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire Meet-Up

I was chatting with Josh-theFunkDOC and ILLiterate this past week and while I don’t think there’s a big enough interest in an actual side-tourney, I definitely think all the Jackie players should get together and play some matches. So this is what I’m thinking…

Saturday, 2PM, BYOC area. I’ll bring my laptop, a stick and we’ll get a few hours of matches in. If anyone else would like to bring a laptop with the game loaded up as well, that’d be awesome.

I should have my camera on hand so we can shoot some footage as well. Anyway, let me know what you guys think and we can all plan accordingly. JACKIEEEEEEEEE~

I am there.

I wanted to say NorCal’s best Jackie players will be there…but lets be honest, we the best in the US. Real talk.

Get hype.

I want to be there too, bar any unforeseen obstacles!

yeah for sure… imma use the “dude with the stick”.

Haha that’s a chick

It’s good to know you got problems with gender recognition though, I won’t be partying with you after pools. <3

I have decided that I shall bring the NorCal Jackie Chan trophy. So that you may all pay your respects :china:


Oh fuck yes.

this game is playabe on mame

just ask me about it

Calling all Jackie players! What’s the plan this year? Real tournament or another gathering where I lay waste for fraaaaaaaay? :wink:

hope to play it for more than 5 minutes this year :frowning:

(Portland Jackie scene died)

Say it ain’t so ;_____;

Regardless, I hope to see you at EVO! It was really great meeting all you guys last year.

Ooh I want to play some Jackie! No one else in New Mexico cares about it. :frowning: