"Jackpot!" Cody Combo Thread

Why do I have a spreadsheet for situations like this?

It’s listed as attacks before dizzy-damage after dizzy. Note that I mean attacks, not hits. So if you dizzy someone with c.LP, c.LP, c.MP xx fierce criminal upper, that actually counts as 4 attacks and the first combo becomes less effective. Never pay attention to the combo counter for damage scaling.

nj.HP, f+MP, s.MP, c.HP xx fierce criminal upper:
1 attack-357, 2 attacks-294, 3 attacks-243, 4 attacks-192, 5 attacks-141, 6 attacks-106

nj.HP, s.MP, c.HP xx fierce criminal upper:
1 attack-342, 2 attacks-285, 3 attacks-240, 4 attacks-195, 5 attacks-150, 6 attacks-105

nj.HP, s.HP, c.MP xx fierce criminal upper:
1 attack-338, 2 attacks-282, 3 attacks-238, 4 attacks-194, 5 attacks-150, 6 attacks-106

nj.HP, c.HP xx fierce criminal upper:
1 attack-312, 2 attacks-262, 3 attacks-224, 4 attacks-186, 5 attacks-148, 6 attacks-110

The longer the combo into dizzy, the easier the combo should be afterward. Corner combos into HK ruffian followed by MK ruffian may be even better, but I don’t really know enough about those yet. Also, Cody’s level 3 FA is pretty weak and his jump ins hit hard, so it’s almost never a good idea to use a FA in a dizzy combo. It basically just bumps you down one extra attack worth of scaling. Even diagonal jumping fierce is better.

If you’re sure the dizzy combo will easily win the round, you should also consider building the most meter possible rather than just conserving it. For meter building round enders, generally Zonk knuckle > fierce attacks = Ruffian > medium attacks > Criminal upper.

I learn by seeing :slight_smile: i dont like to read frames and spreadsheets and stuff, it sounds like work LOL. And yeah i was using standing hard punch-down medium punch. I just wanted to double check because the damage scaling in this game is crazy. Anyways thank for quick reply and great info yeb.

Its funny standing HP-down LP-down MP takes as much as standing HP-down MP…

Edit: Yeah i need to start using forward MP- standing MP- down HP alot more.

forward mp, close mp, crouching hp doesn’t work all the time. on Hakan, for instance, it seems to be impossible to get a close mp after f+mp. other characters you have to be point blank with your f+mp or the c.fp will whiff.
sometimes f+mp, s.mp, c.mp is a better choice. others you have to just go f+mp, c.mp

That’s a real nice punishing combo off of a nj.hp


Is the c.hp a 1-frame link?

just throwing it out there, but you can Ruff Kick after throwing rocks, if you catch them in the air. I hit a few people with rocks, then juggled with mk RK

Ken, Balrog, Akuma off the top of my head. I dunno if they’re exactly 1 framers, but they have normals that link into ultras.

This was the combo I was using off my dizzies for the first week or so, but since then I’ve stopped. The problem with that combo is that you need to be point blank when you do the nj.HP. The problem with that is that if you’re standing next to the opponent as they get up, their wakeup animation will actually push you backwards.

The extent of this pushback is character specific, but what was always happening was, I was letting the opponent wakeup, then I’d walk into them a little to make sure I was point blank again before neutral jumping. A lot of the people I play with will attempt to mash out of their stuns, which I’m grateful for because I quickly learned that it is very possible to mash out in the time it takes to walk back up to point blank, and then nj.HP.

I was going to experiment with starting the neutral jump before they got up, to avoid the possible pushback, but I haven’t had time, so in the meantime, I’ve simply started using regular j.HP into the same combo (or a variation of cl.HP, c.MP xx something, depending on round/meter/screen position). Regular j.HP is only 30 less damage then nj.HP, and the stun difference doesn’t matter since the opponent is already stunned.

Someone wanna hop into training real quick and test something? I’ve been doing it a while now I just want to make sure my eyes aren’t deceiving me.

(with knife) cr.hp, ultra 2 It’s probably a 1-frame link, although to me, this was much easier than cl.mp, ultra 2.
And can be pretty easily hit confirmed by itself, or used like this > (with knife) j.hp, cr.hp, ultra 2… did 599 dmg to ryu w/ full stocked ultra.

I agree that doing a dizzy combo off nj.HP is more difficult than it sounds, and I’ve honestly been going for forward j.HP, s.MP, c.HP xx CU. Hitbox issues just make nj.HP a lot more complicated than it should be.

The real reason I made that list though is for easy comparisons. Once you start using the far jumping HP, you’re sacrificing a lot more damage than it seems. Try subtracting 20/16/14/12/10/8 damage off any of those combos I posted, depending on the hits before dizzy. Then compare that reduced number to the simple nj.HP, c.HP xx fierce criminal upper. The simplest combo off a nj.HP becomes more damaging than the difficult combos off fj.HP with just 4 hits into dizzy, which is fairly common. Even before that, it’s still barely a sacrifice unless you go for the crazy combo with two 1f links and character-specific issues.

After a dizzy, I think I’m going to start doing this: Whiff 1-2 Ruffians for building meter and getting close, then use nj.HP, c.HP xx fierce criminal upper, or a combo into a zonk knuckle if it will win the round. If I have an ultra ready, then nj.HP to U2 instead.


Yeah, it’s a one frame link, I had someone record the combo for me before the game was even out. :rofl:

Wasn’t this combo in the thread already?

I was bored and figured this would be some good combo practice. Adding Stun values for all combos.

Stun Info

[details=Spoiler]Crouching Jab Combos
These combos do a lot of damage for such an easy hit confirm. To maximize your damage output, use as few jabs as possible. You can also use a ruffian kick instead of criminal. Short ruffian will reduce damage by approx. 30-50, forward ruffian by 20-40.

[166 / 307] (0) c.lp c.lp c.lp, c.lk xx fierce criminal
[194 / 342] (0) c.lp c.lp c.lp, c.mp xx fierce criminal (Very unreliable)
[200 / 334] (0) c.lp c.lp, c.mp xx fierce criminal
[208 / 326] (0) c.lp, c.mp xx fierce criminal

Crouching Strong Combos
Cody’s crouching strong is a really good move with impressive reach. You can also hit confirm out of it, letting you do more damage than a crouching jab hit confirm but at this point spacing becomes an issue. c.mp, c.lp xx criminal works consistently but c.mp, c.lp, c.mp only works if you start point-blank.

[197 / 250] (0) c.mp, s.lp, c.lk xx forward ruffian - Fierce criminal sometimes will not reach
[208 / 326] (0) c.mp, c.lp xx fierce criminal
[220 / 320] (0) c.mp xx fierce criminal
[240] (0) c.mp, c.lp, c.mp xx fierce criminal

Standing Strong Combos
Cody’s standing strong has the most frame advantage on hit or block of all of his moves. It also does 10 damage more than crouching strong and still links into crouching fierce, so Cody’s strongest combos usually involve a link from s.mp to c.fp. It is a 1 frame link that must be performed quickly, so hit training mode and start putting in your time if you want to squeeze every last bit of damage out of a combo opening.

[140 / 200] (0) s.mp, c.mk - 1 frame link
[170 / 200] (0) s.mp, sweep - Hard knockdown, 1 frame link
[250 / 384] (0) s.mp, c.lp, c.mp xx fierce criminal
[258 / 376] (0) s.mp, c.mp xx fierce criminal
[298 / 476] (0) s.mp, c.fp xx fierce criminal - 1 frame link

F+MP Combos
Cody’s version of Solar Plexus Strike, the Stomach Blow, is a great move that starts quickly and is +6 on hit, giving you a lot of combo options afterwards. You can combo into standing close strong, jabs, and crouching strong - you can hit confirm out of F+MP with jabs and still do good damage. You can also combo F+MP after a jump in - a deep jump mk, or any fierce or roundhouse.

[210 / 280] (0) f+mp, s.mp, sweep - Hard knockdown, two 1 frame links
[234] (0) f+mp, c.lp c.lp, c.mp xx fierce criminal
[240 / 384] (0) f+mp, c.lp, c.mp xx fierce criminal
[258 / 376] (0) f+mp, s.mp xx fierce criminal - 1 frame link
[290] (0) f+mp, s.mp, c.mp xx fierce criminal - 1 frame link
[322 / 514] (0) f+mp, s.mp, c.fp xx fierce criminal - two 1 frame links

B+MP Combos
Cody’s B+MP works best as an anti-air but if you ever land it while you are on the ground, it has some really good range and speed on it. You can also link out of it. Of all these, b+mp, c.mp is the most reliable because you might not be close enough to properly hit confirm.

[228 / 344] (0) b+mp, c.lp, c.lk xx fierce criminal
[260] (0) b+mp, c.lp, c.mp xx fierce criminal
[268 / 376] (0) b+mp, c.mp xx fierce criminal - 1 frame link

Standing Fierce Combos
Cody’s standing fierce hits hard and like everything else of his you can link out of it. While Cody’s strongest punishes start with s.mp, c.fp that is a 1 frame link. s.fp, c.mp is a 2 frame and so is somewhat easier.

[260 / 420] (0) s.fp xx fierce criminal
[280] (0) s.fp, c.lp, c.mp xx fierce criminal
[288 / 476] (0) s.fp, c.mp xx fierce criminal

Jump In Combos
These need no introduction. Add 10 extra damage if you start with j.fp, subtract 20 damage/100 stun if you start with j.mk, add 30 damage if you start with nj.hp.

[288 / 570] (2) j.rh, cr.lp, cr.lp, cr.mp xx rh ruffian FADC nj.fp
[300 / 520] (2) j.rh, cr.lp, cr.mp xx rh Ruffian FADC nj.fp
[350 / 570] (2) j.rh, s.mp, cr.mp xx rh Ruffian FADC nj.fp
[354 / 620] (2) j.rh, s.fp xx rh Ruffian FADC nj.fp
[368 / 610] (2) j.rh, f.mp, s.mp, cr.mp xx rh Ruffian FADC nj.fp - 1 frame link
[396 / 680] (2) j.rh, f.mp, s.mp, cr.fp xx rh Ruffian FADC nj.fp - two 1 frame links

Rocks Combos
Bad Stone is a weird move - it has a lot of startup for a projectile, but has only half as much recovery as Guile’s sonic boom. You have several different combo options out of rocks from different ranges. The combos from rocks to ruffian get easier as you hit your rocks from further away, letting you do decent damage and a lot of stun to punish whiffed moves from as far away as half screen. If you are closer, you can combo long-range normals like c.mp and c.fp out of rocks and do huge amounts of damage and stun.

[170 / 300] (0) rocks, short ruffian - Hard knockdown
[180 / 250] (0) rocks, forward ruffian
[180 / 300] (1) rocks, ex ruffian - Hard knockdown
[230 / 434] (0) jab rocks, c.lp, c.mp xx fierce criminal
[278 / 526] (0) jab rocks, c.fp xx fierce criminal
[348 / 576] (1) ex rocks, c.fp xx fierce criminal

FADC Combos
With any of Cody’s FADC combos out of Ruffian, you need to make sure your opponent is standing, so the following all start with standing close fierce to force your opponent to stand up. This is just a short list of Cody’s possible FADC combos.

[296 / 460] (2) s.fp xx rh ruffian FADC nj.fp - Spikes opponent into ground; can put you at disadvantage
[372 / 586] (3) s.fp xx rh ruffian FADC f+rh, ex criminal
[388 / 546] (4) s.fp xx rh ruffian FADC ex ruffian, ex criminal

Final Destruction (Ultra 1) Combos
If you are hit confirming into ultra, make sure your opponent is standing as well so that you don’t whiff your RH Ruffian and go from a possible FADC ultra to getting punished. To make sure your opponent is standing, you can use a combo with a fierce punch in it to force them to stand.

[478 / 100] (0) rh ruffian kick TRADE dash forward ultra 1
[478 / 100] (0) anti-air rh ruffian kick, ultra 1 - Corner only
[393 / 250] (2) c.lp c.lp, c.mp xx rh ruffian FADC ultra 1 - Ultra will sometimes whiff
[442 / 230] (2) c.lp, c.mp xx rh ruffian FADC ultra 1
[491 / 200] (2) c.mp xx rh ruffian FADC ultra 1
[498 / 200] (0) nj.fp, ultra 1
[527 / 380] (2) s.mp, c.fp xx rh ruffian FADC ultra 1 - 1 frame link
[530 / 300] (2) s.fp xx rh ruffian FADC ultra 1

Last Dread Dust (Ultra 2) Combos
Cody’s U2 works differently than most ultra combos. While most require you to FADC or something similar, Cody has the option of linking into his U2 off his standing close mp or landed rocks. While this no meter ultra combo does great damage, it is a difficult 1 frame link so if you plan on using U2 in a match in this manner you will need to put in some serious practice time. Thanks to yeb for these.
U2 combos more easily off rocks - just learn the spacing that it will work from.

[484 / 125] (0) CH f+mp, ultra 2 - counterhit only, but it’s an easy 3 frame link
[499 / 200] (0) j.rh, ultra 2
[504 / 200] (0) j.mk, s.mp, ultra 2 - 1 frame link
[604 / 450] (1) CH c.fp xx ex rocks, ultra 2[/details]


[details=Spoiler]I could not get the finishing fierce Criminal Upper to connect for full damage in many of these combos. The first hit of CU whiffs due to spacing.

Here is a list of those combos:

[194 / 342] (0) c.lp c.lp c.lp, c.mp xx fierce criminal (Far CU - [158 / 300] on Hakan)
[240] (0) c.mp, c.lp, c.mp xx fierce criminal (Far CU - [198 / 335] on Ryu and Hakan)
[234] (0) f+mp, c.lp c.lp, c.mp xx fierce criminal (Far CU - [198 / 350] on Ryu)
[290] (0) f+mp, s.mp, c.mp xx fierce criminal - 1 frame link (Far CU - [248 / 385] on Ryu)
[260] (0) b+mp, c.lp, c.mp xx fierce criminal (Far CU - [218 / 335] on Ryu)
[280] (0) s.fp, c.lp, c.mp xx fierce criminal (Far CU - [238 / 435] on Ryu)

Pretty sure it’s already been said, but you can switch CU for ruffian if spacing is an issue.

[298 / 476] (0) s.mp, c.fp xx fierce criminal - 1 frame link - This was originally listed as s.fp, which does not link from s.mp

You may not need to list stun for Ultra combos, but I did so anyway.[/details]
Had a lot of fun playing around with these Cody combos. Even though I was able to connect combos with multiple 1-frame links, the inability to land a full CU due to spacing was quite frustrating.

His fierces do massive amounts of stun. It’d probably be worthwhile for anyone trying to master Cody to get anything that links into c.fp down.

Sorry if it was in the thread already, didn’t notice it.

A future project idea for anyone: A list of ultra 2 punishable moves on block. IE blocking ryu’s sweep to ultra 2 (which I’m pretty sure works)

IMO those lists are pointless
but ye punishing Ryu’s sweep on block with U2 is certainly possible. its -14… you can reversal ultra it even with Abel’s U1

I think there was a thread about this.

Just did a pretty substantial update to the OP and added yeb’s post about post-stun combos to post #2

Some other stuff after a cr.HP (CH) xx EX rocks

HP CU itself
any ruffian kick
F+HK (can be followed up into an EX CU)

Plain lk/mk ruffian follow up from EX rocks seems like the most guaranteed enders(aside from ultra 2).

If it’s in the corner and you’re deep, you can basically do anything you want(including Ultra 1). Like,

Cr.HP (CH) xx EX rocks, F+MP, cl.MP, cr.HP xx HK ruffian > FADC > F+HK, EX CU.
530 dmg, 904 stun

Example: [media=youtube]UpvCJQ34FrE[/media]

LK Ruffian does allow for crossups actually. Immediately after hitting the opponent, you can backdash to put yourself in a position to cross them up. Actually, you can also take a step or two back after back dashing which will create a position where you will not crossup the opponent. LK Ruffian may not have the best damage or stun but it creates a good situation to stay on your opponent.

Umeshoryu, that combo is ridiculous and awesome.

Not really. The opponent just doesn’t stay down long enough to get in a good position. If you back dash, the opponent’s going to be standing when you’re still around the peak if your jump. They can easily just dash under you. If you walk backwards, it’s not going to be spaced very well and they can punish you for it. You could also whiff close s.MK to create some spacing, but they can still dash under.

Maybe I should have specified that it doesn’t allow a worthwhile meaty crossup. EX ruffian gives you plenty of time, though.

I don’t know if this is worth mentioning (or perhaps it may be already mentioned and i just didn’t notice it).
Can the lp Bad Stone combo into crack kick?
I think I accidentally did this a couple of times today during some offline matches, but I’m not able to test it right now.

Sorry again if this has been mentioned :slight_smile:

Am I correct in assuming that the reason I sometimes get EX-CU when attempting h.Ruffian FADC U1 is because Cody dashes under for a split second and it reverses inputs? I can’t think of any other explanation.

I get that all the time too! Despite no (back) being shown on the input, but CU coming out anyway.