"Jackpot!" Cody Combo Thread

Yup, and if you delay the ultra long enough that you can input it normally, it may be too late to connect. I’ve actually done the ultra halfway in one direction and half in the other to make it work, but it’s pretty unpredictable.

It can happen in the corner too, so it can be better to do an FADC back dash there.

So I’m curious, as I’ve been playing Cody more and more, I’ve noticed that for some reason or another, when I attempt EX Zonk, plenty of times it will simply not come out at all. I know in those cases that I have held it for plenty of time yet when I release I pretty much stand still.

It’s happened on many occasions but I can’t recall the situations but I wanted to see if anyone else has ran into this problem or maybe it’s just me or whatever.

Not sure if this was known, but you can get Cody’s U1 after a successful knife throw. Not sure how useful that is, but I guess its better than nothing. Sorry if this was posted already.

I’m not sure but it could be that you are still in block stun while you release the buttons.
like someone is doing a string on you and you are blocking it, then you see an opening and release your Ex-Zonk, the problem is that Cody is still stunned for a few frames from blocking, so when u release the buttons, he is not able to do the move, and thus nothing comes out.

It has happened to me too, when blocking a string and trying to do reversal Ex-zonk to punish after I blocked nothing comes out, because of my block-stun. so, just try to release the buttons a little later and it should work

Hey guys!
What is codys frame trap combo??

Thanks in advanced!

I didn’t see this combo on the list, but it’s pretty good. Yet to land it in a match, but came very close… some how messed up the super cancel.

With Knife:

J.FP, C.FP, C.LK xx HK Ruffian xx HK Dead End Irony (536 damage/510 stun)

In practice, it works anywhere, man I wish I nailed it on that Akuma

It could just simply be the fact that you aren’t releasing the buttons at the same time for it LOL. You have to be somewhat strict about it, if you dont release them pretty much at the exact same time it wont work if you didn’t know I guess.

Like yeb said, just to second it, for ex zonk or hk ruffian FADC U1, if you do it from far away you can do it normally, but if you do it from close to them you end up passing under them during the dash and you have to do the SNK input in order to actually make your ultra come out. (QCB, QCF + PPP). I’ve gotten pretty consistent at it now but at first I couldn’t figure out how the hell I was getting ex criminal upper out of an ultra motion, if anyone else is having the same problem then try it that way.

jab rocks counter hit ultra 2 timings not tight either.

im not sure if yu guys know this but if yu throw knife and it lands and your up close its free ultra 1. also works midscreen! landed it on a dan by accident :bgrin:

(In the corner) CH cr:fp, ex rocks, cr:mp, hk:ruf, ex crimial upper…it does 10-20 more damage than another ruf kick at the end of the combo (if u have meter). srry if this is known already.

It works but it ends up doing less damage than just doing it raw because of scaling.

I’ve come to the conclusion Cody’s best punisher combo is
level 3 focus, EX rocks, c.fp xx fierce criminal

Only does a little bit less damage than a FADC to EX criminal upper and it only costs 1 bar instead of 3. Probably does more stun too… will investigate.

Good find!

Never thought of using FA > EX Rocks > for punisher.

Played around with this and if you wanna be a show off and for some style points you can: Lvl 3 FA, EX Rocks, cl.MP, Ultra 2. (543dmg/430stun)

If you wanna be even fancier and wanna take a shot at doing 2 consecutive 1-frame links you can: Lvl 3 FA, EX Rocks, Forward MP, cl.MP, cr.HP, HP Criminal Upper. (434dmg/678)

If you wanna use 2 bars and just wanna be a prick you can: Lvl 3 FA, EX Rocks, Forward MP, cl. MP, cr. HP, EX Criminal Upper. (442/682)

For the ULTIMATE you can: Lvl 3 FA, EX Rocks, Forward MP, cl.MP, cr.HP, HK Ruffian Kick, FADC, Ultra 1, grab a soda. (506/630)

sake nice find man I feel dumb for not thinking of taking advantage of fa crumple to set up ex rock combos. Great damage and stun for only blowing one stock. :pray:

Just be aware, you can only do Level 3 Focus -> EX Rocks. Level 2 Crumple doesn’t give you enough time.

i found this scribbled on a piece of paper :lol: :

322,498 LVL2 crumple > late rock >RHruffian > EX CU

i think someone was mentioning a “crumple>rocks” line of thought a few pages back

& because my sf metaprogrammer wants me to lose matches while always attempting to burn 4 EX FTW:

[405,695] j.fierce> f+mp> cl.mp xx EX ZONK > FADC > crack kick > EX CriminalUpper

or after the fadc you can of course U1…it just looks sweet(esp in the corner w/a backdash to U1) & my fingers like it :pleased:

like hunter says, it has to be a level 3 crumple so its usefulness is limited somewhat… you don’t get many opportunities to let loose a lvl3. but, if you can, Cody can make it hurt REAL bad.

Any tips on landing EX Rocks, c.fp, U2? I’ve been busting my fingers in training trying to land that combo, I’ve seen it in videos and it looks really really useful, so, any advices are appreciated.

Haha fancy combos.

I think when I play against Boxer is the only time I even use U1.

Get in corner, throw-bait and come down with a nj.fp or land a focus crumple then do: f.mp, cl.mp, c.fp xx HK RK, U1.

no meter and it looks funky