Jackpot sniping

So am I the only one who wished that a well timed AA rock should net you some more dmg?

Here’s a quick vid I put up demonstrating it. Just something interesting I found. I haven’t seen any posts about it around here so I thought I should speak up. Apologies bout the quality.


Pretty simple realization, bait someone to jump forward over a held rock, and when you toss it FADC forward --> U1. The range this can be achieved is pretty nuts. You can do a bunch of stuff off of an AA rock since it gives a hit of juggle. This vid just shows the silly range it can be achieved.

Other things you can do after AA rock
No FADC needed (pending range of course).

f.HK–>ex CU,
lk super,
ex ruffian --> ex CU (pretty tricky to land),
ex/reg bingo, etc.

I don’t feel like this should be something you should be fishing for in a tourney (maybe vs geif near max distance?), but if you want to hype up a casual match go for it! Its very satisfying :rofl:

i don’t think in a match u can do EX CU follow by LK SUPER…

erm… those are other things you could do. Each its own separate entity after an AA rock >_>.

That’s pretty badass!
I agree, it shouldn’t be something you fish for, but I’ll definitely be learning it! It’s a big enough difference in damage that I think it’s totally worth learning.
It’s like getting used to doing cMKxxHadouken with Ryu, and FADCing it when it hits, to get more damage that you can guarantee.

sorry my bad i didn’t read it carefully

Ah, I was about to say you could just use the Ultra I on its own as an AA, but this is definitely an interesting application…wonder how feasible it really is to bait someone into AA rocks

This is a pretty great find. It makes me wanna learn how to use his rocks better. Have you tried any other variation of Bad Stone, or just HP?

Heh you’d be surprised. It depends completely on the player and how they react. I found if they try to jump right as you pick up the rock, you can punish them by holding the rock for one toss into the air.

Dumb question ¿Why don’t you use the fake rock toss?

PD: I saw the video, nevermind.

I would be concerned tho, because Cody has the fake Rocks… I find that players are muchless keen to not falling for the Bait of a Rock, because Cody has the fake rock in his toolkit. I’m not saying it isn’t useful, its pretty cool. However I already expect people to not take the bait when it gets close.

i cant remember if it had been mentioned on any of the other threads but you can use this same concept on the ground w/LDD(or, depending on range, certain normals>whatever)

it just has to be done quickly so hitconfirm seems kinda hard & iirc scaling makes it do less dmg than just the raw ultra… so the usefulness is questionable… maybe if they throw out a slow recovery/punishable move @ distance?
just putting it out there :coffee:

Wouldn’t that mean that it’s easier to use this? It sounds like them knowing the fake rock would make them more inclined to jump or be less scared of going to you.