Jack's Pancake Press



Can someone explain why when it sometimes launches an opponent higher? Is it on counter-hit?

Thanks in advance!


It’s the timing: You need to wait for the flight to almost end, then press down. It is kind of weird, but you just need to find the timing. It’s allways the same timing, no matter how you do the flight. The pancake press has very limited use though. The only time I can see it usefull, is as an oki option where you space it so you hit in front of the opponent at max range. This will push the opponent far enough away on block, that you remain safe most of the time.

On another note. Does anyone have a trick on how to cancel the landing frames of flight mode to seismo or dp, without getting the pancake press when buffering the dp motions? I can’t get this consistently without doing the press every now and then.


I’ve been working on that also. Nothing consistent yet.


This is something I’d like to have a trick for as well, but I’m not convinced it’s possible. I did a lot of this when practicing our Jack/Hugo 100% cross assault combo, and I found that the only way to consistently cancel the landing is by just timing it correctly. It’s too bad pancake press doesn’t require a precise down input like Guy’s elbow out of a normal jump, because that would open the door to cancelling into dps or seismo using shortcut motions.


When I messed with it, I found that there are like seismo ripples that come from this buttslam. If the ripples hit them they launch high, if it’s any closer than that, they launch a bit. Hope it helps… from what I could see it had nothing to do with timing, just spacing.