Jacksonville, Fl 10/25 Marvel results

This was an interesting tourney. Jon sindel gets his first tourney win over old skoo fl dominators…

I don’t have the full results, jon has the full bracket but here goes

1st Jon"Sentinaaall!!!"Sindel-Team scrub,Team matrix
2nd Crag"Maximus"Dufour-Team scrub
3rd Robert Rios “Ein2001”-mag/storm/capcom~cammy
4th Ozzie “Sentinels Force”-Santhrax,Scrub I think
5th Justin “Atlas / Blaziniflo” Zhou- Team row, Scrub, Santhrax

2 biggest upsets were justin getting nutbagged by craig*good shit:p And Robert beating ozzie.


And jon winning the damn thing.

I’ll post up full results first chance…

Oh, and yeah i was hella sleepy…whatever…:smiley:

Nice to see all of you guys again, good meeting a couple of ya…

How’s craigs dick taste?

It’s great. I’m coming over now to let you know how’s my dick taste. Get the tongue ring ready you little fucker.

what is team Matrix?

Fun stuff (this is Alvin). I need to get better. :lol:

HAHAHAHA!!! no no no, i only beat Justin cause i got lucky and he did a ground HVB, and jon is way too good. later…

Good job guys…wish I coulda made it to your little shindig, but I already made other plans for the weekend over a month ago. Hopefully you guys do it again, and I’ll definitely show up…so me and CJ can play some 3s or something. :lol:

If you translate that from English to Mandarin, I believe it looks something like



Just for that, I’m taking a shit on your futon tonight. I belive in Japanese that’s PWN3Dwaytoohardbrian-san.


blazinfo sux HAHAHAAH:lol: