Jacksonville Fl Results


This shiet was really big as fuck but i don’t have the brackets so i’ll be brief.


1st tr3nt
2nd jon sindel
3rd mixup

Thats all i know, i have no place in the top 3 in that game:p


aka my revenge against the cheap one

1st mixup Mstron,scrub,cable/sent/doom
2nd jon sindel “sentinaaaal!” team matrix, and santhrax
3rd Alex garvin - fat alex- team santhrax
4th craig maximus dufour- team scrub, team santhrax

I’ll have to get the rest of the brackets and clean this stuff up but first for the high lights.

It was nice to see all the tally folk again, you all are o.g’s:D, we’ll throw more tourneys if you’ll come to them…

Ed’s kid is bomb, first thing he did was run over and start playing with the mas stick.

Brandon owns me in cvs2:lol:

Ah fuck it, i’ll write more later

magneto will never die

Oh yeah jason IS on the comeup, i gave that fool something to listen to and he started going nuts:lol:



Yeah, thanks for the use of the headphones. Can’t beat listening to Justin Timberlake and beasting on someone at the same time. Not to mention that one drum-n-bass track you had along with Prodigy’s “Firestarter” were really helpful. Those were my favorite tracks to help me focus with.:smiley:



heh, shitty music mixes are funny.

hit me up on aim, i will show u how to beast on the jax guys!!




Had alot of fun, it was good seeing everyone again.

I swiped that bitch Justins $1 again! AGAIN!!!

This is the second time i took your $1 in a mvc2 money match.
You… are… my… bitch.

I even autographed it and gave it to Jon. :lol:


good games everyone, i’ll put up the cvs2 results 2day or 2marrow


Yeah, man he’s learning. Give him a year and he’ll be taking Justin’s dollar with 'Gief.:lol:


all your kid need’s is 'Gief?!?!?!?!:lol: :lol:


So who is going to NEC4?

*-$yndicate- *


pretty sure jon’s going and i’m trying to come with him, rick and tr3nt


Mike whats up with the player thats trying to rent an van and drive up all you players down there should hook up it will be real cheap together to get up here:D


Re: Re: Jacksonville Fl Results

Inside joke. Saturday in J-ville my gief beat Justin’s Sentinal and then the next game my gief beat his Cable.:lol: They were both really close matches though.


:lol: … Damn justin you got rocked by geif guy… it’s ok ::holding back laughter::… -heh- close matches.


Where’d that sentinel come from WTF

NICE, keep it up:D :]


sorry about the results coming up so late, just been to busy to do anythang

CvS 2 11-15-03 results

1st. trent
2nd. jon
3rd. mixup
4th. spicules
5th. alex
5th. justin
7th. guilemike
7th. ed
9th. halobrad
9th. chris
9th. c.j.
9th. alvin
13th. ricky
13th. allen
13th. brandon 1
13th. james
17th. craig
17th. logan
17th. nic
17th. jd
17th. brandon 2
17th. mirko
17th. adonis


Thanks for the compliment man i’ve just been watching some of the videos that i’ve been recording and picked up a few tricks from Craig’s , Ozzy’s, and Your Sentinel/Beastiality traits. It’s TOO GOOD to watch matches and analyze what works and what doesn’t. Yeah and Craig gave me a few pointers as well. Thanks Guy :D.


why am i so beastly at cvs2? SOMEONE CAGE ME UP!!!



??? what no your not!!:confused:


I got higher than you fucker. Suck deez. Keep filming my K-groove Sagat, you might learn something.


Or, you could just run around randomly trying to land a c.fierce, DP randomly trying to hit something, and then fuck up super motions when you get Raged, then get owned for free by Dan.

That’s usually how that goes.