Jacksonville FL Thread - We have a Fighting Game scene?

Guess we needed a new thread.

Anyone holding and sessions Sat or Sunday after 4pm?

Herpaderp. I’m glad we finally have sessions back :slight_smile:

I guess I will have to say it again which one of you free kids wants it first 50.00 says I will win lol

In what game?

Cool story bro

MVC2 and MVC3 which one you wanna lose at.

AZURE I believe you might be free money up kid or shut up simple as that

Jdizzle you can get bodied too

you scared deadpool i think you are kid its ok I would not wanna fight a super beast either

lol cool story bro tell it again

i havent been on the old thread in FOREVER, what FIGHTAHN GAHMS yall playin and where are we playin them at? im currently interested in MK since the demo was tight as shit but ill play pretty much anything you put in front of me.

From what i noticed in the last thread they be playing MAHVEL and some other games with their fancy game night names. Where … Q ball on Beach Blvd apparently (which is like … 5 minutes from my house xD).

Waiting on the full game to play MK, ill borrow it off my friend and see if it sparks my interest i wasnt too interested when i was younger but maybe itll be different this time around

People still play MvC2 in here? I thought everyone converted to MvC3.

MK9 is looking dope.

R2X, I’ll play you in MvC2 if you’re up for it. (casual or MM) Sorry, I don’t touch MvC3.

Hypnotic Disciple

Jason why so humble??? Go for that cash!!

I have been trying to get a hold of you but you never answer your house phone… You still wanna do that? Hit me up at home. (Rachel always has the cell) I would just hate to drive all the way out there, assuming you are going to be home and get nothing. Ask your brother, my last trip out there was a complete waste of 2 hours almost…

2v2 Mk9 online/offline matches, I have got to get me some of that, game does look like it will be a whole lot of fun in tag mode at the very least. I hope that would become the tourney standard, instead of boring ass 1v1 fights. At least that way if they ban fatalities, you will get to see cool ass tag combos.

Wow, really? When did you call the house because I was there majority of the time and only left when needed? I didn’t hear the phone ring once so I don’t know what happened. Also, when did you last come on this side of town?

Hypnotic Disciple

Thursday afternoon… Some time, like 12-1:30… somewhere in there. I was just trying to come see you so I could so that for you… Then when I could not get a hold of you I started calling your brother and we made plans for Friday night. (yesterday) So I drive all the way out there and when I get there he tells me he is going to drive to my house in his car… Making it a waste of time since you were still at work and Stephnie (milf that lives in the B. Cove) was out to dinner with her man and shit…

That drive is no joke man. I just want to make Damn Sure… ([media=youtube]4ldjbjwim4k[/media]) That you guys are going to be around. Like I said hit me up so I can come do that for you, if you still need it.

Oh yeah we need to play games and shit also… LOL

Edit: Brandon (Broke-ums)If you can get a hold of Jon let him know that UPS stopped by my house and left the west coast at my front door… Ohhhhhhhhhhh, I am west coastin’ it… AGAIN!!

Hahaha, you and your EMO TBS. I like them as a matter of fact. Hmmm, I was home and awake at that time and as a matter of fact, I was playing Tekken 6/MvC3 online a bit. Oh well, I didn’t know you came all the way here. You should knock next time because Tasha is always here. She would have let me know something. It’s all good. I’ll have to catch you again sometime.

I need help choosing my team. I really like Doctor Doom and am actually capable of using him, Dormammu I know really well, Wesker is eay but I don’t know much with him. Spencer, Iron man even though I’m not really a fan of him anymore. I’m having a character identity crisis. And I’m god awful at using assists so, mentor me someone. Oh and I can use el captain of america.

you should try taskmaster, he’s pretty well rounded character. task, doom, dorm would be a nice zoning squad.

naw they don’t play, but it’ll pick back up soon. why don’t you touch mvc3? you’d be sick at that game.

You like TBS… I would have never guessed… LOL. Yeah I was listening to Hands down while posting that and I was going to post that but the reference was just not there and TBS was one of the related vids so I went with that…

Yeah, you are right, I should have knocked. I always tell you guys to just walk in and I do not even knock to see if you are home… Go figure huh?

We wil click up sometime this week… You still got Wed off?? I might be able to cook for the our fams if you can get out here? Bring that brother of yours also… We had some good matches in TvC on Friday night. He has the fire back in him now… I like that about that VATO!! I like that!!

4HM 4 LIFE Bitches!!


Yo Yo!

Marvelous Monday will be goin on again tomorrow night at Q around 9pm

For all yall naggin about me not having Jill and Shuma, I finally decided to get em’ today.

I also transferred the game licenses for my other games, so we can play MVC2, SSF2HDR, Mark of the Wolves, and Neo Geo Battle Coliseum. (Thanks Luke and Jeff for telling me about that)

But yeah! Hope to see some new people there.