Jacksonville FL Thread - We have a Fighting Game scene?

hey batman, how many people yall usually get? anybody come from northside (which is where i live.)? itd be nice if i could car pool with somebody cause i loves me some fightan gahms and if its ok id probably bring some of my stuff too if itd help.

How many setups are usually running at Q ball Batman ?

Work with them for now until you can find your ideal team, you want to be able to use every member in your team.

Bad news, I HIGHLY doubt I can make it to Qball tonight. If there’s anything going on Tuesday then for sure, and I’m sure I can wednesday but I just have a buttload of school stuff to do. I’ve been working on marvel too :frowning:

Looking forward to my green bottle and some Marvel … Been playing some practicing up !

Yo yo! We been having a crowd of 8-10 people on Mondays. I would love to have another setup, but there wouldn’t be enough room for it. As for people coming from your side of town I dunno. Just carpool with your other friends that would be down to play. If needed bring ur preffered tool of mass destruction, ill have two modded TE sticks available if u don’t mind using em.

Luke, sorry to see school got u chained down. If we play super Turbo I’ll be throwing sonic booms and flash kicks for yah haha.

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There really is no way around it? 10 people on one setup… I have never been in Q-ball but that is the one in the smoke city shopping complex right? (with the dino holding the bone?) No extra room for other setups… What about as the night goes on, will more space become open for another setup?

Yep. That’s the one.
Are only alternative for another setup would be their smoking room, I’d rather not setup in there again haha.

Nights can be random. They can be hella empty at some times and other nights it’ll be packed with strippers from gold club. Yeah, that random…

The owner their is pretty cool, but at the same time I don’t want to intrude too much. Just letting us setup for free 3 nights a week is more than enough. In time I wanna throw sessions at my place after my house is finished with renovations.

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Right on me and my friend are a go for Q Ball tonight I get off work around 9:20 so ill probably be there around 9:30. Should I just look for the guys playing MAHVEL xD

For those that want to get into MK9 when it comes out, please join this site and post in this thread: The Official Florida MK thread

I want to have a strong scene in FL for this game (especially since we’ll have one of the best guys a.k.a. Check living in FL) Post up and support the MK scene. Thanks in advance!

we should be playin by then bruh. hope to see yall out there tnight!

check lives in FL?! HOLY SHIT!!! id definitely like to see what he can do with his ninjaness when facing REAL MK9 opponents. ill definitely post on there.

Good games tonight, i’m upset it took me so long to make it out. What days are you guys usually up there, mon-wed, any other days?

Good Games to everyone i fought tonight too, it was fun … totally never gonna forget Batmans tutorial to playing MvC3: “Use X-Factor … Now press buttons” (In accent) xD

Lol. ohkay!!! Yooz your ecks packtor! NOW FOOSH BAHTTON!!!

good times indeed. Playing again tonight!! I think we playing super turbo.

But yeah Josh, we play normally Mon-Wed. Good seeing yah again bruh!!

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Azure and Snotbogie ya’ll need to come back out tonight or wednsday. I need to try out my mag/thor/doom on some more people and see if it’s free in general or just to Potent.

Probably cant do tonight i have to finish my design for class due tomorrow :frowning: More than likely i can make it weds


This TTT style of tagging is going to make 2v2 ( two human player vs two human players. Not TvC style 2v2 or MvC style) matches all the new hype. I would think it would be a much better sport to watch when there are actually teams involved to get behind… Kinda like Tekken Crash.

Not saying the game looks great or anything but if there is a 2v2 mode (four humans) I will play it like mad. Actually I am saying the game looks kinda weird but tag mode in games is just the shit, no matter how you look at it it always makes game more broken/fun/competitive when you add in more human skill to the gaming equation.

qball 2nite again?? might show up this time.

That game looks fun.
I had a nerdgasm watching the trailer haha.

We gaming tonight. Stop by and get your POOSHBAHTTON on!
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That would be cool but it’s not going to have four player???