Jacksonville NC and surrounding area fight club

Just moved here from SoCal…

Before dismissing this at least read the following…

I built/established THE scene in the Oceanside Ca area over 3 years. I wish I could have stayed but the usmc decided after 21 years to put me on the east coast. We united the folks from san diego all the way up to temecula.

Now that I am here, I see a huge vacuum for this area… Understood that many of the fighters are transient (military) but that shouldn’t hold things back.

So the proposal is this… once I am established and have a venue, to do casuals biweekly as well as run tourneys. I am brand new to this place but I am sure there are folks that want to play in a cool environment and have a good time. I did this in Socal and we went from 10 people to 100+ within months…

Also can help out with modding…Been around awhile and was taught by the best modders in the US… (the guys that dual mod at evo are my good friends…) Not gonna pat my back but I was nominated for stick of the year here on SRK… I now build customs here and there but its not a job… its a labor of love.

If you are interested, please hit me up… I will set up the site and get things running quickly…

DISCAIMER: if you are a marine… there is no rank here… dont hesitate to play dammit…

all it takes is a few folks to get things rolling… I already have all the equipment to stream matches HD with commentary as well as run multiple stations.

I am down for this, I am stationed at Cherry Point but I will make that drive.

Well theres one :slight_smile:

Once I get into my house and all my equipment, I will be ready to get things going. I am going to look at possible venues. Back in SoCal I initially hosted it at my house… we outgrew that fast… So I will look for a venue that can fit 50 comfortably.

Fine with that, please keep me posted.

I’d be interested. I’m brand new to this area as well. Can’t seem to find a group that isn’t a 2-3 hour drive away.

Talked to a few locals here and this place really needs a scene. As I wait for my house to be ready (aug) I am staying in a hotel until then. Wouldnt mind hosting 3 to 5 folks for some casuals this fri or sat. I play sf4 for the most part. I have my ps3 so if you only have a 360 stick you would need to bring a system. Have an extra monitor so could run both.

Hit me up if interested, family isnt here yet so I really dont have crap goin on anyway.

I could stop by Saturday and play.

I would not mind coming Saturday just to meet people. I’ve been playing anime, and haven’t touched SF4 in years. I’d pretty much be brand new to the game. But, there are a couple chars that I’d be interested to play.
At this point, I just want to play something though. Been here a month, and can’t find anything.

cool man, I have skullgirls…I am not any good at it so hey we both would be learning.

and as far as SF4 I am by no means great… I play sim “ok” and everyone else I tend to play old school; translation: not well lol

we can plan for sat… any time after like 2pm is fine… hit me up text or call (435) 625-1371… if you want to bring a couple folks thats cool. Room isnt huge but enough for a few setups and a full fridge for beer or soda. Just at the extended stay america BTW.

If anyone else is interested just hit me up. At the very least meet a few folks, get a few games in. Like I mentioned before, this is how I got the scene in Oside started and really grew to something to be proud of. Hell we even went to EVO last year as a group and had one hell of a time.

Keep in mind thats quite a drive and it might just be a few folks… if you are cool with that then by all means feel free. Just dont want it to not be worth it for ya.

Also I only have 2 rules when I host: no drugs and no drinking and driving. If that means someone crashes on the floor so be it… worst that can happen is you sleep on floor and maybe have one of our cats hang out with ya… We flew them here, I am stuck with them and they like ppl…

You still having casuals?

great games tonight folks… had a good time tim/richard! Definatley good ppl and cant wait to build the scene… hope yall had a good time

Nice meeting you both. I think I’ll have fun learning SF4. Thanks to you both for the games. I learned a lot from just playing.
Maybe next time I’ll bust out my laptop and show off a bit of my favorite game, Melty Blood. :slight_smile:

Yesterday was fun for sure, we need to do it again so I can improve my Akuma.

When is the next time you are doing casuals?

this upcoming Sat. (Aug 3rd) Anytime after 3pm

I won’t be able to make it this weekend but the weekend of August 9th I will be there.

Plan on hosting every sat until I get my house…I am looking for a viable venue now.

I’ll come over and mess around for a bit. If it’s just us, then I might leave kinda early, but I would not mind getting some more practice in. I expect that after a week of not touching the game, I’m going to have to relearn most everything. If there are more ppl than your hotel can fit, my apt is like 2 blocks up the road.