jae hoon


what are you doing


Random thread is random.


Yeah, baby!

My fourth post, I think.




Well jae hoon is going to bed because jae hoon is tired, jae hoon has a hard day of learning StarCraft 2 tomorrow.


I was playing Sonic Racing with my friend last night on Xbox live, then outta nowhere we heard this asian dude trying to communicate with us that just joind the room. After a few minutes of chatting he told us that he’s from Korea and then my friend asked him why he wasnt playing Starcraft 2. Haha


Your mom.



This thread is everything awesome.


What are YOU doing?


yeah, ain’t that the truth. well i agree. see you later.


I heard he was hating on hate.


Your mother.



I have to agree with said statement, jae hoon had an awesome night of sleeping and is ready for SC2.


I think I’m the only Korean at this point that hasn’t played SC2 yet. =\


You sir should feel shame, you have disgraced your race!


Fuck it, SC2 sucks.




My favorite food is meatballs.


i have posted in a quality thread


I share your ambition as well, I yearn to post in a quality thread.

Hey Jae, remember back when your fantasy team was good?

…yeah, neither do I.