Jago/Ross First To Fraud

looks like not only is the Jago/Ross feud fake but there is speculation that Jago’s 5-0 victory at bar fights and Mike Ross’s 5-0 run back on cross assault is also staged with the intention of setting up for a future event. what do you think?

We are all just frauds waiting to be exposed…wait what?

What kind of creeper took this video? lol

LMFAO the greatest creeper of all…

CM Sabin, The Voice of the Voiceless

People taking secret videos is fuckin weird. haha

Am I in FGD?

Mike “Rigged Matches” Ross?

The Excellent Adventures of Gootecks and Mike “E-sports” Ross.

Get this shit out of here. None of GD could give two shits less about: 1) Cross Assault, 2) SFxT, 3) Whatever shitty beef Ross and Jago have that they play out on shitty games.

Go take your god damn cess pool drama back to your boards. We don’t go in there to shit on you with our drama, so don’t shit on our ward.

Call me un-informed but what has Mike Ross done to be considered a fraud?

All I know is the rumored “dodging” Jago did by not wanting to fight Combofiend supposedly.

Can’t we just go back to the days where people were famous because they were actually placing and doing well in tournaments, instead of all this stupid glam, WWE bullshit? The FGC is a god damn joke now, and as much as the FGC hates “Esports”, the FGC is in a worse off place than any other community that has gone Esports. Not even the other communities have this stupid WWE garbage.

Also, wrestling sucks and is for white trash twelve year olds.

I really truly believe that Arturo just killed esports…

You have no idea how hard and underappreciated the performance put on by wrestlers are. This bullshit with Jago/Mike whatever is not wrestling, close to wrestling or anything involving the amount of different things that wrestlers do. Don’t be dumb.

Shut up you white trash twelve year old.


What happened to the real N166@S like Harry Potter?

I heard he got raped by Justin and went to college or some shit.

Didn’t you post this already, and that thread got trolled too

This is so stupid. What was the point of them even doing this shit? Like…why…?

Why do you think american players are free to japan? They don’t play games they just rig matches.

Wrastlers are some of the greatest fucking actors of all time. Fuck the haters.