Jago's BnB Combos



I have a few of my own combos which I seem to use regularly but is there footage of a Jago combo video, looking to expand my combo repertoire past a few basic ones


In Ki, there are no “BnBs.” The combo system allows you to mix in whatever you want to. Ideally as a Jago player, you want to start mixing in manuels(manuals, it’s a joke from Grimmmz’s stream) into your combos, I’ll post up some matches when I get home from work and show you what I mean. It’s pretty easy to get into if you’re execution is up to par. The weirdest thing is just learning to delay your timings if you use wind kicks in your combos.

But as for BnBs, there are a few opener options that you probably want to have down.

Cr. short x2 into lk wind kick
Neck ctutter into lp/lk laser sword/wind kick
Any jump in into an actual manuel (doing an auto double off a jump in is almost a surefire way to get your combos broken, that is unless you’re using it to bait a counter breaker, in which case, that’s a good idea and I may use that myself from now on)