Jaguar Knee frame data question

does any one know if any of the jag knees are throw invincible besides ex, played a gief who ultra 1 me during startup, like I only had on foot on the ground and was in the motion. kind of salty about it

Technically, only the :mk: version is actually unthrowable at the first 5 frames.

What version did you use? only the HK version is invincible I think

I play Zangief and Adon, and only the HK Rising Jag is immediately airborn. Still a crap DP @ 5 frames, but it’s as good as Cammy/Fei/Sagat. Just teh HK.

afaik, only lk rj is throwable, mk, hk and ex are invincible to throws… at least that’s what i think…