Jaimito's art!


First: sorry for my crappy english U_U
Hello! I’ve long time to decide to post my art here. I’m glad to join this artist’s club. Here is a lot of really good artist.
Well, I like to draw but i really love paint with differents programs and try to make cool things with textures and weird stuff.
So, there is my art. Feel free to comment.

My homepage is http://www.jaimito.deviantart.com


Cammy and Elena look like they are about to engage in some vaginal licking.

Anyway, good job, it’s very nice.


I really like the style alot. Defintely feelin’ the last two.


Great work on all the pictures - Excellent job.


i love how elena’s face look man. You do some nice faces. have you tried painter? You can do some pretty nifty texture in that program.


Cool lines bro. I really like these. How come you never posted your work before? I like it.

Hope to see more.


They’re all great! I dunno why but I like how you drew cammy’s face alot.


Your work is just so awesome! color and style! They look so proffy!


I like. <3


solid snake Looks like Zen from Rumble Fish


Thank you boys.
Dreaded Fist: I love coloring with Painter! I got a Wacom Tablet and I really enjoy with it.
Here is a new work, She is Antonia, this nerd girl is a fighter designed with a friend and I for a proyect. Hope you like it!.
Colored with Painter.


nice work Jamito… and welcome to the board.
really digging the Antonia pic. your sense of colour is very nice :slight_smile:


Hey Jaimito! This stuff is hot man! I’m glad you joined up on SRK! It’s funny, I don’t remember seeing some of these on your DA page. =\


Awesome looks stuff, Jaimito. Love the design and texture work.