Jak and Daxter Thread: The Dynamic Duo


Great stuff, I definitely agree with the f+3 comment. do a short hop into it and it’s just like this wall that they can’t get past and then you recover so quickly. I think it’s such a good tool.


I think it is a good tool too, better with each round I play, but in FFA I feel with its low AP continuously stuffing with this =somehow the Kronos I wasn’t paying attention to has Lv3 and I have nothing. I guess it is all in moderation.

Very interesting stuff with S.1 I had no idea and that does build meter. I can test whether lv1 can combo with some awkward wallbounces but the more I play the game the less common I see wallbounces as being. Oh well.

And thanks, Vimes is indeed the man.


Now when you say combo with Level one from the EJ wallbounce do you indeed mean combo from the wall, or a pretty nice tech trap? Cause I need all the combos I can get into dat Lv1. I’ll have to try all those S.1 setups when I get home.


I’ve tried to get a level 1 combo off a walbounce after reading this, but had no success. Hopefully someone can pull it off, because that sounds really useful. At the moment I just tend to go for level 3 and then clean up with level 2 tech chases in the corner.

Also, on his d.1, I’ve found myself incorporating it more into game and finding a lot of surprising success. It’s definitely the weirdest ground pound in All-Stars, and it has a weird area of effect. I rarely am punished for it, because of it’s weird bounce mechanic. It’s a great way to throw people off trying to chase Jak down when I’m playing keep-away with j.1’s; they don’t expect to be suddenly hit. If it hits, you can go for another ground bounce, j.u./s.1 depending on where they are, j.d.3 charge mindgames (which are so effective on an opponent already frustrated with Jak’s trolly keep away) or simply run away to get a better vantage point on the stage you want. The rage a good Jak zoning plan can induce is really the best; I’ve had my fair share of ragequitters complaining about unfair tactics/OP Jak :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been playing the Sly Cooper match up with Jak a lot recently, and I think it’s really in Jak’s favor. Though his jetboard combo whiffs on standing Sly, which is dumb, when I do hit with the first hit of j.s.1 I tend to land and then go for a pseudo “tic throw”. Once the Sly cottons on to that, it become an interesting throw/ jumping s.1 mix-up after landing j.s.1 on the ground. Also, once Jak figures out Sly’s decoy patterns, it becomes a matter of simply charging/waiting to throw out your pojectiles and simply hitting him. It’s also easy for Jak to stay mobile and away from Sly’s teleport stuff, which is an important tool for Sly that’s pretty ineffective in the Sly-Jak match=up.


Well I learned that a pre-emptive level 1 when a Raiden dashes towards you to activate level2 is pretty lulzy. I managed to stuff the activation of it 3 times tonight.

I think one of Jak’s biggest enemies is the stage selection. He has a few stages where Blaster just does not work at all (Columbia springs to mind) and it becomes a real struggle to hit level 3 in these areas.

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oh, I’m sorry for misleading you guys. I said it might lead to a level 1; I was just theoryfightering that shit in my head. definitely too much recovery time on 1 to work, unfortunately ; ;


I put more work into Jak lately and I’m beginning to see how good he actually is. I must say that Jak is a very good character to make comebacks with. I put into a 2v1 situation where my partner didn’t load into the game and still managed to pull a landslide victory. Jak has just earn a spot in my regular rotation


I saw a lot of Jak’s online last night and many of them were lv200+ and very solid players. Made me feel warm and fuzzy.

Maybe it is just because you are an amazing player Hawkingbird? What do you mean by comebacks, because in my eyes I find him to be the opposite. Especially in FFAs if I am not playing very good from the start then I start to feel hopeless pretty early on.
I feel much better holding on to a lead rather than chasing it, what with Jak’s incredible mobility and Level1’s ability to kill easily when they get desperate to try to land hits on you. I feel that is my (and Jak’s) specialty in 2v2: let my partner take an early lead with strong lv1s/build to level3 quick while limiting foe AP, then cementing it with a few Lv1s or building to Level3.

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I agree with Hawkingbird. Be it that Jak is really hard to hit, most people don’t know the match-up or we’re just so good, I find Jak is great at making comebacks. Though, in a 2v1 situation against competent players comebacks are very difficult to pull off in general, in my own experience.

I actually like Columbia for Jak lol. There’s a spot on the stairs you can stand where Jak’s blaster shots will juuuust barely make it over to the other side, letting you snipe people across the stage. True, he’s probably better off in stages with more flat planes to work with, but Columbia has made for some lulzy games with Jak.

Also d.3 oki games in a corner/small platform make stupid people ragequit. Hilarious. I suggest you try it online.

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Now what are we referring to as comebacks? I only play time at the moment as that is what Ranked is, and there I judge a comeback factor as the ability to build AP very quickly and confirm kills equally fast to pull ahead. Getting lv3 at the end isn’t much of a comeback because you worked the whole match for it and are just cashing your kills in then.
Now on stock or kill limit I can definitely see Jak as a comeback machine. After you see their attempts at setting up their kills/combos you can outmanuever them far more easily, and Jak’s kills rely more on punishing their bad moves than particular setups so it is harder for them to change their habits mid-match without denying themselves popular options.

At work now, but I plan to write a section on the first post about more advanced tactics with Jak tonight: Lv1 as a guaranteed counter, erasing startup on Blaster/staggering it, oki, etc. If anyone has any ideas please post them and I will credit you up there!

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When I said Jak is great for comebacks I had stock and kill count in mind. Jak has gotten me out of a couple 2v1 situations in stock and his level 2 allowed me to pull a few clutches in killcount. Only taken Jak on rank once and didn’t fair well.


Back on Jak/Sly, while the match is good for Jak one one one I still think in FFA or 2v2 he is one of Jak’s worst. His invisibility and playstyle make him very hard to be disrupted, and a Level3 from Sly wins games especially if you did your job and limited the AP gain of others.


Bumping this thread,but completely disagreed with super level 1, Even though it can be horrible ,you don’t have to actually physically touch the opponent to kill when they’re in air,I got three kills from an aerial kill,all of them in the air (FFA Quick) The super level 1 has apparently a blast when he does an uppercut,and also depending on your partner for 2v2 (RECOMMEND BIG DADDY!) it can be really quick kills right there when Big Dad smashes the ground,on the other hand his level does suck,only good for occupied opponents


my 7 minute JaK and daxter combo video:

new combos, kc’s, and more. Most of the combos are situational and some are purely for exhibition. Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:


I certainly did! Wow, Reaper posting in my topic man your Jak is so fun to watch I wish I could use him somewhere close to that level.

Anyway sorry the thread is so outdated, all my time has been going into comp Team Fortress but I’d like to update the main posts tonight or tomorrow. Is there anything in particular you’d like me to add or remove? I know off the top of my head I should add the combo potential of j.D1 and wallbounced j.S1. Maybe I can work in how you use wave disrupter as a kind of blockstring with some moves.


thanks man. You’ve done a good job of explaining jak already. The only thing I could say is to know your distances between you and the wall. Jaks best friend is the wall lol. based on the distance you know what option to go for after you land a basic jet board combo. Thats how you will maximize Jaks combo capabilities.


Yay little more active, on the other hand don’t they call themselves the Demolition Duo not the Dynamic? I haven’t played Jak III yet so yeah


I just used the generic term. If it is canon they say Demolition Duo then I’ll change the name. I love being esoteric like that.

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I dont like the new changes to Jak and Daxters forward 2/triangle its now a useless move
the speed boost to forward 3/circle takes out the posibility of getting the bullets to go behind him, and that makes his close range combat worse.
I love all the ap boosts but not the reduction on his f2
anyone else have opinions on the new J&D?


There were changes in March of last year? I’ll have to check them out.

So I clearly haven’t played this game in quite some time, but I heard about the Ultimate Balance and it got me hyped to play it again. So I’ll be doing my best to update the first posts with new information in the comidays. Any help is greatly appreciated, and I’ll try and get the jak talk started once I play for some time.