Jake The Snake

Jake…its obvious that godweapon ain’t big enough for the both of us…

How Many Times Do I Have To Destroy You for you to just STFU??? (Bad Games Thread #96)

You join my game again the other day and i completely obliterated you. Yet you still talk shit on kaillera talking about you owned me 22-0??? You haven’t even beaten me once in your pathetic life.

I’ll tell you what. I’m proposing a challenge. If (and you wont) can beat me 3 out of 5 games in ST. Then i will NEVER EVER set foot in Godweapon again for as long as i live. And if you lose…you must do the same.

After this is all said and done i don’t have to hear anymore nonesense coming from your faggot ass, nor does anyone else.

So what say you, Jake?

(Pussyhole won’t probably accept anyway)

it’s not likehe comes here anyway. Nox just needs to permanently ban him, and a few other reasons, and all problems would be solved.

Intercepter (aka gief Killer)

I know he doesn’t…just trying to get the word out lol… i don’t see him often…plus i like challenges :slight_smile:

Intercepter (aka gief Killer)

i don’t think anyone would mind me kicking his ass for the last time anyway


I played him for quite a while last night, see the “gay logs” thread. I’m sure it’s a joke or something, nobody could seriously be that annoying and childish. Besides that I thought he was a decent challenge, tho stuck on Ken with overuse of dp and fb; gets old. The constant comments are like static, you just need to not read the chats, like tune out the static.

Intercepter (aka gief Killer)

constant dp’s…lol exactly

Intercepter (aka gief Killer)

Friggin guy had the nerve to tell me to go on srk and check all the touney’s he won.

…right Jake…we believe you

Reminds me of this



Intercepter (aka gief Killer)

lol your right it is similar

Intercepter (aka gief Killer)

I seen the guy, and of course he refused my challenge. I guess i’m going to have to change my name and pretend i’m some noob so i can rape him one last time. Anyone know the best way to video record my match?

Intercepter (aka gief Killer)

seen the guy…destroyed him as usual…and then he left…

Hold Left Shift and Left Control as you press the start game button.
Make sure you have a folder named


in your mame folder.

Just what sort of snake is Jake and why is he not on a plane?

Intercepter (aka gief Killer)

Thanks bro but someone else actualy had told me how to work it. But i think its pointless now…after what i did to him in our last game, i’m pretty sure the guy wouldn’t want to fight me again lol.

Good question!

Intercepter (aka gief Killer)

Jake got silenced for saying you stupid niggers…Good lol

I keep seeing this guy spam things like “I just owned <insert player> 55-0”

Intercepter (aka gief Killer)

excatly why i made this thread…

I just played him. A guy named Hugo was my witness. I beat the holy hell out of him in ST yet again. Then he called desync. We tried again, beat the crap out of him, then he called desync again. So i asked him to host and we played again…destroyed him…then he called desync again. And everytime i won Hugo admitted that it was true…

fuck out of here man.

Sandwhich is far off worse than Jake the Snake.

Intercepter (aka gief Killer)

Oh believe me you wouldn’t want me to start with that numb nut…only reason why i never mentioned him was because he never joined my game again after i beat his ass.