jalapNo's SF4 Hotness - CONDEMNED

Hotness is closed for good

Undefeated Singles Champion, she even beat Scrubydan with 1 paw… :o

The Hotness Information

Set-up1: 42" LCD TV, Xbox360 and SF4
Set-up2: 25" CRT TV, I do not have second system since my PS3 crapped out on me.

I have a 3rd table ready for a 3rd TV and console if someone can bring both or just one. I have 1 stick, so bring all the sticks you can.

Call me at my cell and let me know if you’re going to make it or bail out so I don’t worry if someone got into some sort of freak car accident.

Plenty of room for people. Lots of sitting space.

If you’re 21+, drinking is fine. Donating food or drink (Minor or 21+ is fine) is ALWAYS welcomed at my house because it will surely be devoured. If you forget to bring something and you feel like contributing anyways, I live next to a 7-11 so it’d be really easy to walk the 100 feet to get your snack/drink on.

UPDATED Ground Rules:

  1. Do not slam doors in my house.
  2. Do not cause problems with my room mate, she is not nearly as nice as I am.
  3. If you party foul (Any drink, not just alcohol), don’t be afraid to tell me. I clean messes up in seconds with my 30-pack of Charmin Ultra TP.
  4. Do not be disrespectful to anyone else who is invited into my house. If I hear you are starting problems and can’t curb your tongue, I’ll gladly boot your ass out of my house.
  5. Casuals: 2/3 sets if there is 4 or less people. 5+ people = Best of 1. Only to be fair, so everyone gets a chance to play.
  6. Around 1-2 AM, everyone needs to settle it down. I have a room mate who tries to sleep right underneath people so tapping your foot/feet, jumping, yelling, etc. is no bueno.
  7. No offense to anyone that’s going to come to my house that was already planning on it, but if something gets reported missing/stolen, everyone will be pocket checked before they walk out my door for ANY reason (7-11 run, go to your car, go home), any reason.

Ready for Hotness*:

Possibly Hotness**:

UPDATE: Hotness is done for good.

Everett ghetto? :LMAO: This guy hasn’t been to Tacoma lately <3


Indeed I have not!

Small airfield? You live by boeing or something?

I forgot I have early morning saturday plans so I won’t be coming out tomorrow night.

It’s a SF4 level, but I used to live next to Boeing. Now I live in North Everett.

Ohhhh. Went totally over my head. :lol:

Oh, everett. I went to middle/high school there and I can’t say I miss it. It’s pretty amusing to see all the tweakers when you drive around though.

I’ll go if Riki-Oh promises to buy my SCIV Stick…

Great, looks like I am going to be the weird old guy at this.

While I can’t attend this session, I already own that title thank you very much.

Is this a Hori similar to the EX2 for PS3? How much are you selling it for?

Cya tonight. woo

$25 bux

EDIT: Can’t go to this today but whoever wants the sticks I need it gone so I’ll just bring it to Zach’s next time.

Is this a PS3 stick?

EDIT: Looks like it is… I’ll swoop this if the other dude backs out.

The other dude backs out because he needs his money to buy the other 8 volumes of Preacher, the stick is as good as yours my friend.

You get down to Everett much? I work for the county so I am in downtown Everett everyday. PM me and we can arrange something.

Fixed! :smiley:


Is Mike comin with ya?

Now it’s hotness? Casuals I could handle but I don’t know about hotness. What is the dress code for “hotness” anyway?

Trying to convince him to.

Stuck working or i would try and make this since i also live in everett

No dress code, meaning no clothes. LoLWuT?

Tell him I’ll practice hella C.Viper with him if he comes!

Just give me a call if you can, it’s gonna be a lot of SF4 and we don’t start till the evening time anyways.