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A buddy of mine found this.

Not sure if this was already posted, but this is a streaming music player concept similar to the likes of the Yahoo fame. Seems to be a good concept, choc full of at least 2 million songs already taken up for this project. This looks as if it is a sure fire thing so far as it is in beta. CD Quality music, ranging from Classical to now. Artists are on there as associated playlists. Means that you get not only theirs, but music that is in the same realm as their style.

My complaints, so far, is a bit of lag with the music changing. Then comes the fact that you’re getting a channel of music, so it seems to be a bit random at times. I got Bonny D, Michael Jackson, SWV, Saint Germain on a Bell Biv Devoe playlist, and randomly, 98 Degrees shows up. If you choose one artist, you’ll probably get a song from someone else, which doesn’t seem be a rewarding experience.

Regardless of that, you’re looking at near-BOSE like quality streams. Guitars are guitars, vocals are vocals in sheer sweet quality. Finding Saint Germain was a seller in my eyes. Finding it was cool. Give her a try.

…that went well.


also www.pandora.com