Posted on ESReality.com by some kid named “Jamerio.” He’d like you to think he’s a troll, but he’s just dense. Please don’t ban him, as he might stop posting on our site if he’s distracted with yours. Thanks. <3


If you talk to him, correct him on something. That" fat old guy in the peach shirt for slagging off the character named after the guy in glasses" isn’t the one that banned his 7 different spam accounts, that was me. So he should direct his rage at me instead.

Edit: oh yes, and what he did wasn’t “trolling the shit”. Come on, have some dignity. This is SRK. We’ve seen Genshiro. Spamming Smileys is hardly considered trolling.

I’m really really…REALLY tempted to go there myself.
Not worth it in the end though, he fails at internet heckling.

And does this really need to be here?

Well for those that want the link: http://www.esreality.com/?a=post&id=1827574

this has nothing to do with street fighter four, or its upcoming sequel super street fighter four


LOL, then why don’t you guys ban him? he’ll be forced to post on gamefaqs boards.

I can see it now: “Man www.ESreality.com has some complete twats running it.”

Careful guise, not only is he a master ip-ban hacker and trolling genius, but he is also pro at killer instinct and did over 9000 combo breakers on arcade mode at which point Rare made him their CEO. ([media=youtube]yI0jbMKrO3c[/media])

Edit: Jesus his ownage doesn’t just end there, seems that he’s also the subject of the first ‘over 9000’ thread on this subforum (http://tinypic.com/r/2ppk4s5/6), I’m genuinely scared of what will happen next.

he’s been known on esr for the past 6 years as an idiot and is treated as such

he’s been talking about becoming good at sf4 for the past year. he claims he has the special ability to be “the top 99%ile in every game”. basically what he means is that he can get better than everyone that doesnt take a game seriously by taking the game seriously. anyone can do this.

Hahaha, i just met this guy online on the PC version. He tried to beat me with Zangief first but he just spammed lariat so i perfected him at least one round and didn’t lose a single round. Then he picked Guile and his stick was in back or downback position 95% of the time, the other 5% was when he did LP Boom -> walk forward -> jump, seriously, nothing else. I must admit i felt a bit of pity for him so i picked Gouken instead, who i really like to play as but aren’t very good with, to give him a chance to show his guile skills…well we ended up having a fireball war because he simply refused to get out of his corner where he was holding downback waiting for a jumpin and spamming booms. He won that match 3-2 with about 5% health left, the others were timeouts. Then he messages me saying “did you notice you only win when you pick broken seth?” so i replied with “only win when i pick my main? well duh, he’s the only one i actually practice with”. Then he typed a message in the middle of a match, and ragequit after he sent it. Apparently i’m blocked now, which is nice =)

What Valaris said.