James Games Championship Edition SF4 tournament results

Good tournament. Very chill. Big ups to Axis Gamer for the table to use.

Winner: Keno (5-0?)
2. Tatsu
3. Sonny Nhoung
4. Cupcake
5. Whsiao
5. David R
7. Jimmy L
7. Aldo

Interview with Keno: http://www.gytnews.com/articles/interviews/interview-with-james-games-champion-keno.html

Videos are coming MAYBE tomorrow. Better chance on Monday.


I vote that Cupcake change his name to Johnny Bravo.

Thanks for starting up this thread Glenn http://www.shoryuken.com/images/smilies/thumbsup.gif
I wasn’t very pleased w/ the turn out for this event yesterday but it ran smoothly none the less. We started later then expected do to a large accident on the 210 and a few people getting stuck in the traffic. Well here are the full results for Championship Edition @ James Games Arcade.

“Championship Edition” SF4 Tournament RESULTS

1 Keno $355.00
2 Tatsu $46.00
3 Sonny Nhoung $25.00
4 Cupcake
5 David Raynoso
5 Warren Hsiao
7 Jimmy Liang
7 Aldo Delgadillo
9 Axis Gamer 9
9 Kirk Oronan
9 Wonder Chef
13 Derek Wright
13 David Raynoso jr.
13 Jacob Medel
13 Robert Mittan
17 Henry Nunez
17 Didier Nogales
17 Roman Barreto
17 Temjin Alpha
17 Ken Parayno
17 Hugo Diaz
17 Eroc Elliott
17 Justine Ng

i think you need to fix the way how you reward previous tournament winners and entice them to come out here
i think the time for the tournament was kind of bad ( as all the past SF4 tournies have been friday night)

im at work so ill reply back later with some in depth advice

I agree if you havent competed in a majority of the previous tournaments you shouldnt be able to just come and snatch the money also the sat thing messed me up personally,if it was fri. like the previous ones i would have showed up. Tatsu showed up to previous tournaments but keno(no offense to him) but he only played in one team tourney and that aint coo for him to take it all no matter how good he is.

Sorry about the Saturday thing but that was ricks call. I would have had it on a Friday night if it was up to me. As for the way we ran the tourney that was ricks idea from day one. He wanted to save up the money to give to first place in a future tournament. When we get a hold of Super we will most likely move to a ranbat system. I’m more then welcome to advice so be sure to post it.

I havent been to most of the James Games tournaments but I did attend the very first and won it. There are other reasons for myself not showing up to other tournaments but with that aside, I thought people would have showed up if there was a bonus 200 bucks on the line. Well the 355 bucks will buy me a lot of KFC Double Downs muahahahhaa!

those double downs were bomb huh?! except axis gamer’s practice one lol.

as for the johnny bravo= denied because i’m not white haha.

Fuck those double downs. I got burned. Next time we should hit up that Cici’s pizza instead.

went there on tuesday that shit was worth the $7