James Games MVC2 Results 6/7/08 [[no drama]]


1st - Rossimus Prime
2nd - Reset aka Reset
3rd - Jal aka Albert aka Pigadoken
4ph (fourph) - Bail Whale Min aka Deus aka Dues Aka Bill Wellman aka 9.7482x2^5%
5th - Ace aka Taiji aka Muthafuckin TAH G
5th - Yaris

Good tournament tonight, special guest appearance by Potter, just to WATCH cause thats how he do.

Thoughts, comments, and/or complaints?


ggs errrrybody
bill’s colossus owns my life

good job mike! highlights of the tourney was bills colossus, and mike vs. THOMAS haha

yea good hit to everyone and like i said mike its all about 909 lol goodshit orlando aka jigs yaris and reset and ace DOPENESS!!!

how the hell you gonna let mike ross win a tourney? i beat that dude for pushups… FREE :slight_smile: congrats though, get that money mike!

I heard some individuals referring to me specifically as Black Money, thanks watson lol

ddaaaaaammmm mike!
Good shit to tha Supah Crew
Pigadoken gg’s on marvel, that cab really sucked

so much for a debut… i got rode straight up the ass

level of play was superb. I haven’t even dreamed of marvel THAT good. see yall suckas at the next one.

-“your future is looking bleek”

nice meeting you xlido. i already knew that cab sucked so i used msp. haha.

good shit mike. that sent shit you did was too good. your akuma is too gdlk. it’s almost good enough for a tag team. YA DIG?

Tag Team all day Jal. Extra Lettuce, Extra Pickles!

high fives all day


1 Reset

2 Christian

3 ??

gg’s ace/mike/albert

dam i knew i shuda signed up for 3s too…

gj reset!

Damn, Mike actually making it out to a tournament and playing something other than Smash Brothers. good shit.:wink:

fake results are fake

there are you happy now faggot?