James Games MVC2 Results [[MORE DRAMA]]

My bladder is about to explode but I know my priorities and dedication to the marvel community…it is my duty to inform you of the latest information…the following involves that of the man known as Dark Prince.

NOTE: I wasn’t gonna post this but i got an anonymous text message from a random number telling me to post everything that happend…

First and foremost lets get the muthafuckin RESULTS

  1. Taiji (muthfuckin—TAH GEEEEE)
  2. Mike Ross, Rossimus Prime, Dat Dude
  3. Rubillionaire
  4. ??
  5. Juan
  6. Killer Kai
    1027th place) Reset

So the dark prince shows up to enter the tournament, he is signed up…paid for and everything.

This is pretty much how the convo went down word for word…

Moments before his match begins Rick (the owner of james games arcade) says "NO, you are not welcome here!"
dark prince replies "But I called you on the phone before hand and you said everything was cool"
Rick - "I didn’t know it was you, you cant play here"
DP - “If you weren’t going to let me in why didn’t u just tell me like a man”

Rick seals himself behind the james games counter and locks that side door (for those who know the layout of the place)

Rick - “Because YOU are not a MAN!”

DP gathers himself…starts smashing everything on the counter
"muthafucka!!! come outside and FIGHT ME RIGHT NOW!!! I WILL KNOCK YO BITCH ASS OUT"

Rick gets on the phone and calls the cops…
DP begins to smash more things and knock down broom sticks etc…

Rick says "The cops are on their way asshole"

DP turns around to leave the place once the red/blue lights started flashin in the distance…

INSERT: “The Chase Scene”

DP runs out the building and Rick (again store owner) follows at high speeds…everyone inside of james games is like “WTF, LETS GO OUTSIDE AND SEE WHATS GOIN ON!”

DP is running at top speeds…
DP knocks some guy out who tried to be WILLIAM WALLACE and stand in his way. Shit happend in one quick motion too…

Rick hops in his car and yells at all of us “I’LL BE BACK, WE WILL START THE TOURNAMENT IN AN HOUR!”

dp cuts a corner and we can no longer see whats goin on, but RICK peeled out in his white truck to catch him.

the tournament continues an hour later…and i got the anonymous text that said “DP is locked up in jail”

So now i post asking for SRK to show their support and lets FREE DP!!!

thank you for ur time.

p.s. good job ace! u earned it

keep talkin shit about me reset

locked up aint cool… but if u do “the crime do the time”

yea i saw the whole thing it was like watching an episode of COPS was intense…

dude rumor has it… that when DP got taken in he said " THUG LIFE" and i was shooked… i also heard hes involved with BGF or something black guerilla family watever that is…

Free DP!!

GG’s to everyone, and props to JUAN aka MSP4LIFE, he’s coming up!


good shit ace

good shit meykl (the white colossus)

no sweat reset, marvel is a hard game, maybe you’ll get 'em next time?

you obv have best scrub in california imo (lol)

mvc2 thugs 4 lyfe


reminds me of Ja Rule when he was like "you wanna know if Tupac is alive…nigga im right here!!"
kind of

those negative gentlemen reacting satirically are at it again

me and you do a music video on DP with him in it
son we would totally kill BET Uncut (is that still around?)

hahaha we will bring BET uncut BACK!

shadyk, stop tryna be clever…SAY IT…NGRS

what are you talking about? that’s pretty racist.

Free DPC?

Fuck that. Dude got issues.

Real Talk.

why would you trash the place? shouldnt you appreciate arcade owners willing to host tourneys. soon enough u can say good bye to la mvc tourneys

Dont ppl that run from the police get shot in AMERICUH?

But to be fair, why get behind a counter and talk shit? Just keep it at least semi-professional and have some minor league hockey goons walk him out or something…

Seriously though? Free DP? No one needs that clown in the Marvel community unless he’s needed for laughs like these. :rofl:

Holy shit, :tdown:

good stuff to everyone, wow DP =[ free DP.

is that really what happened Ms. Ross
sounds like something outta cops