James Games Pre Evo West Team Tournament Results

Wow im tired lets see

Mvc2 team tourney
1-Team Hot Boy Ronald(DarkPrince/Reset) DarkPrince-Scrub/Santhrax/Scrubclops Reset-Msp/Mss-a

2-Team Jihad (Mike Ross/Ace) Mike Ross-santhrax/scrub/mss-a/im storm tron/mst Ace-Msp/Mss-a

3-Team NSJ2(magnus/hang) Mag-Santhrax/combofiend/im cable sent/ hang-storm cable capcom/santhrax

4-Team Vmode(Alex valle/Amir) valle-team watts amir-msp/mss-a

5- Team shut up( bill welman/deuce) bill-mss drones/santhrax/matrix deuse-mst/santhrax

5-Team juggs(mag/juggs) mag-row/mss-a juggs-juggs/cable/guile

6-Team Jal (potter/Albert) potter-msp/s s cable/santhrax albert-santhrax


1st is a tie between team vmode and team hustler valle and mike watsons teams if I am correct any cvs2 players wanna give the characters used please do

3rd-Hohoho club(hail and kill sir phobos)

3s-I have no idea somebody please fill in I left early

Guilty gear XX- 1st team justice couldn’t make it

2- team NSJ

3- team kobun

I’m tired fill in the blanks peeps good shit to all gg’s I’ll probably throw another one sometime in the future rick didn’t take money this time GG

Good games to everyone! This was the first tournament that I have been to in a long time, and it was fun seeing everyone again.

The OG’s were holding it down on the Third Strike and CVS2 games all night, which was dope as hell to see.

There were some very intense matches all around, and good shit to Bill for hustling that money over my match with reset! :slight_smile:

Team Hot Boy Ronald: good shit guys, you two paired up is a very hard team to beat. Good luck at Quals/Evo

Team Jihad: Good job guys! Mike, you know we are not finished with this shit right…Super Arcade, me and you. I told you, Mirror match is the best counter to any team!

Team Vmode: You guys are deadly. Amir, your MSP is scary, good shit. Alex, still representing, good shit man. Good luck at Evo guys!

Everyone else: nice to see you guys again, good luck at Quals/Evo!

Magnus, you are a freaking beast!~ GG’s to everyone. Good shit to justin for running it, and rick taking no $$$!! haha. The shit that happend at denny’s was hilarious lolol

good seeing everyone there!

Good tournament, tournout could’ve been better for CVS2 and guilty gear… But whatever. Sticks are still ass and i think the damage on cvs2 is hella fucked up. 1 combo -> super with raged sagat taking off 75% life aint right… And also 3 bucks for getting 3rd place is fucking tight, You all know what i can fuckin buy with this?

Thanks for hosting Justin.

Btw - Good shit to team HOT BOY RONALD on getting first.

Damn… so I know I said I’d be nicer on here but you’ve got a big target on your forehead…

was the answer…

To buy your mom a condom so she doesn’t unleash another failure on the world?

“DO SOME OF THAT SMART STUFF!” good shit to Team Highschool aka Team Hot Boy Ronald and good shit to everyone else who placed =]



God damn…

GGs to everyone at the tourney. Good shit to Don/Watts, Amir/Valle, and Hai/Stan from the Commons in CVS2. It was dope seeing everyone again, see you guys at Evo West!

Mad props to Justin and Reset. Team Delicious Oreo Cookie.

Um, full results gentlemen? Ah, who am I kidding, I just want to know XSF.


Vic is Sexy hahahah no homo Xmen results were 1st-NickV 2nd-Chris 3rd- Zangief the dark lord 4th- jason P 5th- Mike chaos

great games to all!

Hope to see you guys all at evo west bringing that hot shit!

No info on 3s yet?

3s Results
1st Team Vmode (amir/valle)
2nd Team SexLee (ken i./paul lee)
3rd Team Waha (watson/jaha)

Fuck man, I missed out on a great tourney to tape. Had to take care of my ride and you know how that is. Good shit for everyone who placed.