James Games SF4 Tourney, Feb. 12th, Upland CA


James Games Arcade will be holding another SF4 Tourney on Friday Feb. the 12th

James Games Arcade, Upland CA
364 W Foothill Blvd
Upland, CA 91786
(909) 946-4438

  • Sign up starts @ 5pm
  • Tourney starts @ 7pm
  • 5$ Entry fee
  • 70/20/10 pay out (subject to change according to turn out)
  • Double Elimination
  • Two SF4 set ups
  • $1 of all entries will go to a mass pot to be given out at a future event.
  • The current pot is at $95


I’m trying to get an idea of how the turn out will be for this event. If you intend on showing up post a reply :slight_smile: See every one on the 12th.


I plan on entering.


i suppose i plan to as well…


be there


Hey guys if you have entered any of our previous events then testimonials of your experience with us would be great. I’m always open ears to suggestions.


last time i went alot of the people told me they heard about the tourney through the eventhubs weekend tourney notice they got going

u should try to get it on there again if u can i didnt see it for this past one , by the way what was the turnout for this past event?


yeah I’m going to try and get it on the weekly event post on eventhubs again this time around. We had 34 last time and are expecting more people this time around.


::UPDATE:: James Games Arcade is currently closed due to water damage (part of the roof fell in) As far as its concerned the tourney is still set for Feb. the 12th. If that changes I’ll be sure to post. Check back here for updates on the status of James Games.


Ill be attending for sure!

Yo Axis, you play guile right? i think i played you the other night with my vipe :wgrin:


Yeah hopefully the roof gets fixed soon so we can still hold this event and yeah that was me.


Any word on how James Games is doing?


As far as i know its still closed. Since the weather has calmed down we can expect them to begin fixing the roof anytime soon.


GOOD NEWS JAMES GAMES IS OPEN AGAIN!!! This event will go on as scheduled.


Good shit, last time I went it was pretty fun, looking forward to this time too


Less then two week to go. :slight_smile:


is this on arcade cabs or ps3/360s?


This event is on arcade.


Will be there.


My girl is celebrating valentine’s weekend with her parents, since it’s chinese new years as well.

Therefore I shall be here.