James&James So Cal Modding


If you don’t have it in you to void that warranty or need some minor work done to play your stick on multiple systems, then we can do it for you.

**jdm714, Kuya Joe, and I will be helping out the so cal region. We can service other places if you’re willing to ship to us. **

Together, we’ve helped many OC/LA people to get modded to their liking.

Button/Joystick Swap…don’t bother wasting your time prying and muscling those difficult buttons. Need desoldering on your Hori EX2 or any other HOri Fighting Stick? ~$45 for installing new buttons and $60 for installing buttons and joystick.

360 Tournament Edition with PS3 Chimp installation $65 + $35 ChImp = $100

PS3 Tournament Edition (or HRAP3) with Xbox 360 4716/Fight Pad installation $65 + $35 Fight Pad/Controller + $10 Imp (or DPDT Switch if preferred) = $110

360 TE with MC Cthulhu, Imp, RJ45 (to switch cables) = $135 installation/parts + $10 per cable

360 TE Dual Mod with regular Cthulhu installation $65 + $35 Cthulhu + $10 Imp = $110.

LED install for 8 buttons include 8 knserts and FGwidget LED controller… $100

***SUPER Wiring, from ads such as BlindWithOneArm or jdm714… please contact us for pricing. It’s not cheap. It’s additional cost to the labor.

USB Wire Repairs for those times when you’re stick has gave out due to a bad game of tug of war. $25

Re-wiring of previous dual mods that you weren’t satisfied with or one that has missing button inputs/issues… approximately~$60

**PS1/4716/Fight Pad Hacks… includes the PCB. Quick disconnect are optional. Retro Pad hacks such as PSX are $25. 4716 pad hack are $50 because I buy brand new controllers. **

Turn around time is 24-48 hours and possibly additional if you request specific work or parts. Contact via e-mail to jj.socalmodding@gmail.com.

Some examples of our work.


360->MC Cthulhu

PS3 TE-> Madcatz Controller (Under Panel) + Imp Switch

PS3 TE-> Madcatz Controller (Over Panel) + Manual DPDT Switch

360 fightpad with ChImp

HRAP3 -> Fightpad

jdm714 Super Duper Wiring (At additional cost to the above)


Cable Repair Job

TE with Six Axis and Toodles Axisdapter

HRAP Six Axis

Six Axis Wireless custom with all iL/Happ

360 PCB Pad Hack. 6 or 8 button.
http://img824.imageshack.us/img824/6326/imag0077g.th.jpghttp://img340.imageshack.us/img340/9584/imag0081z.th.jpg http://img823.imageshack.us/img823/7120/imag0157n.th.jpg

Neutrik Install

360 VLX -> ChImp

360 VLX -> MC Cthulhu

Custom boxes and custom wiring that we’ve completed…


First Post in my Buddy James Trading Outlet Thread!
You guys know me, I am jdm714.
Am the Avatar of Tech Talk.

I have decided to branch out and do more modding.
I was before doing things underground.

After showing pictures of my Dual Mod to SRK, I’ve been getting so many Private Messages for requests.
So here now, I am letting everyone know of my Services.

And I am already busy for August!
Month just started too.

Deal lord, screw TEasy. With JDM’s god wiring, it makes dualstrike and the wire needed look like wasted space. If it weren’t two different colors, you could sell it as the JDM GOD BOARD.

No more spaghetti.

And if you’ve ever come to Tech Talk, you know this guy knows the whole catalogue of the JLF joystick. Heck, probably knows the date your TE was first sold to the public.

James squared, as I like to call them, are a pair to recognize. I’d pay them for the dual mod just to get rid of my cyclone of a wiring mess.

I also try to help around Tech Talk a lot. But JDM catches every little mistake. I say “triggers aren’t common ground,” he says “but that only applies to wireless pads.” Top notch guys, really. If you don’t believe me, check out Tech Talk. Read 2 threads, and you’ll already see jdm’s rainbow bulb telling you “this is my forum, and you better like CFL bulbs, because it saves the power around the house so I can put my godlike stick to work without running up the bills.”

Even I’ve dual modded my own stick, and I still want these guys to do it. They’ll make your insides look prettier than anything you could possibly buy stock.

I’d give you rep up if I could for an awesome job you guys. Thanks a ton. <333

What do you need being done with LED?
I’m actually doing an LED Mod for a Customer’s TE in few days.

hey…i have a ps3 TE that’s dual modded with a 360 pad…the guy who did it wired it “wrong”…when it’s on the 360 it’s weird…i have to go to config type b and switch the hk and hp with one another…also the home button doesnt work…

how much would it be to fix that? i live in socal btw

Hey tekniqs, you got a PM on switching the wiring and fixing your home button.

+1 respect for jdm’s God Wiring. And unmatchable knowledge in general.

Soon I shall have his power in mine own stick! (Whoa, that sounds a little weird…)

Say i have a (460)TE with no joystick at all. How much to pop a new stick in it and dual mod it?

Good morning.
Answered everyone’s questions.

Howdy SRK’ers. It’s Sunday and just wanted to add pad hacks to our menu. Thank you for stopping by!

Yeah, trust these guys. They do top tier quality work. I always go to Jamesepoop when I have problems with my arcade sticks or when I need inventory ie buttons, plexis, sticks, etc. :smiley:

I can definitely say that both James’ do quality and fast work. I consulted with jdm714 who gave me a lot of useful information regarding dual mods when I had absolutely no clue about what I needed to do regarding the mod. He referenced me to Jamesepoop who was able do my dual mod in little over a day, with great quality and care, with pictures, testing, and everything that made me very satisfied with leaving with the finished product.

If you’re in the OC/SoCal area, these two are very experienced and capable of doing your dual mod right. I will definitely be going to either of them for any kind of help I will need in the future. :smiley:

P.S: Chimp is the way to go with Dual-Mods if anyone is looking for one, auto detect is nice, and it’s been working like a charm every since they installed it!

If I wanted my PS3 TE stick to work on 360, w/out messing w/joysticks or buttons, how much would that be?

What if I have the chimp board already, is it just $60 for the dual mod on the 360? and can I just go in person and have the dual mod done?

This is why I should have my own thread :lol:

Free bump for james and james.

You get to do VOLTECH already.
And you are doing underground Dual Mods.

Jesse came to me too.

Thank you brighenne.

need a nubytech 15th anniversary stick dual modded. It’s modded already to work with a PS3 and has a cthulu in it. Just want it to work on both systems.

How much and I live in norcal

Bump… Jdm i’ll pm you soon about that fightstick im working on… almost done with the painting when i get everything in i’ll hit you up for a meet on the internal stuff… thanks

Got you man.

Thank you BlindWithOneArm.

Just received a dual modded VLX from James. Excellent service.