James&James So Cal Modding

the gate is $6 and takes like 2 minutes to change

James you said you have a friend who makes the Astro City layout metal plates and plexi covers for the TE, how do I get one? I’m leaving to London on Feb 10 and I would like to have it before then.

Here is the link but I’m not sure what he has in stock atm… I think you might be cutting it close if he has to make more…

We should make a logo for Super Wiring. With the tagline, “wiring so sexy, I use it in place of porn.”

ook i just read somewhere that its pretty annoying/hard or w/e to change it lol

thanls vic… it was already answered…

oops, i totally missed this entire page when I was catching up on alerts lol

thanks for the link guys, I appreciate it.

Custom MK PDP Panel finished for RightChandMan. Thank you for choosing J&J for your modding needs!


Full LED mod for gepeyo. Thanks for choosing J&J for your modding needs!



where socal moddings is located ? or how to contact then?

Westminster for jdm714.
Anaheim for jamesepoop.
Fullerton for Kuya_Joe.

Contact jdm714 or Kuya_Joe on SRK.
Or e-mail jj.socalmodding@gmail.com

THANKS AGAIN JOE!!! your work and abilities were the best ever! The stick came out really sweet!!! Im most definitely going to send a note to you whenever i ever need some modding to be done or some Crazy work to be done

How much would it cost to change out a microswitch on a Sanwa JLF Joystick? My down input isnt working anymore. Id also like to know how much it’d cost to change my TvC stick with a MC Cthulu?

any chance one of you guys can come to my game shop and mod a kraylix cab today?

Any one of the J&J peeps go to Round One/Super Arcade often? Need the USB cable on my TE to be resoldered to my IMP board. Had a deal going with jdm but I think he was busy so he never got back to me. Hit me up with a price quote/meeting arrangements if one of you guys is interested. Tired of seeing my stick sit here and collect dust.

Hiryu, I’d change the microswitch for free. But if I were you, I’d replace the whole TP-MA board for your JLF. It’s just easier and that way you don’t have to worry about any of the other switches giving out either.

retiredjerk, you will have to schedule something ahead of time. Most of the weekends, we’re out and about. I believe you were in talks with JDM714, so you’d have to follow through with him since there was pricing and parts that were discussed.

pplcallmeGOD, sending you a PM right now!

Thank you for the advice.

Finished a full LED mod for DJac130above
All buttons and ball top.
Siemitsu PS 14 with sanwa microswitches
Thank you for choosing J&J for your modding needs!