JAMMA/CPS 2 Questions

In my search for an empty cab to use as a cheap mame cab, I’ve come across an MvC cab for pretty cheap (150 bucks.) The seller either doesn’t know the machine or is just hyper-ambiguous in his answers, so bare with me and the limited information, but there are a few questions maybe you guys could help me answer:

“It is a fully working game minus the circuit board. You can buy a Jamma 1315 in 1 game board for right around $350 that has 1315 different games on it”

Was his response when asked if the CPS2 A Board was still in the machine. I have very limited knowledge of arcade machines, but maybe one of you could help me interpret that statement? I was thinking of buying one the CPS2 era SF games, and as I understand it the machine needs the “A” board and the games are interchangeable as “B” boards. Given his response, do you think I’ll need to buy an A board (I don’t know how all the JAMMA wiring stuff works…")

Since there are apparently multi-game cards, is there a board like the one he was talking about that would possible contain some of the CPS2 or even CPS3 era fighting games, without having to worry about A boards, or B boards, since like I said, I don’t have an extensive knowledge of JAMMA. The board he referred me to had XVSF and I think COTA, and…Street Fighter: The Movie…

Any help would be appreciated.

the only CPS 2 board to my knowlegde like that was MvC. came in a special A+B set up…

cps 3 is a different beast all together. JPN/USA had a romcart+ CD-ROM set up, and some other regions used only a rom board.

I have seen multi CPS carts but never a 1315 in 1 before. I have seen them like that as just a big JAMMA board hack though. If he is talking about that then most likely it isn’t fully wired for CPS play and you would want to look at it and see if he has a kick harness installed or you will need to make/buy one yourself so you can play the games. Remember the JAMMA harness only has 3 action buttons so to play Street Fighter and the like you have to use a harness to get access to 6 buttons.

He may have been talking about something like this, http://www.jammaboards.com/store/1078-in-1-games-family-multigame-system/prod_243.html, which is nothing more than a PC running emulators connected to a JAMMA interface.

Thanks Sazae, I’ve been doing some research since I posted, too, so, going off of the little we know, if I bought a kick harness, A and B boards and wired it up, in theory, with the little we know, this “fully functional JAMMA machine that only needs a circuit board” would play…say…Darkstalkers?

Yes, that’s all you’d need. I have some extra A & B boards (A’s for $30, B’s vary). PM me if you want to buy some stuff :tup:

Be weary of who you buy the 18 in 1 cps 2 boards. I bought mine from ebay and ended up finding out that when playing hyper street fighter 2 that the og characters had no sounds. If you decide to buy one go on klov.com register and buy from one of the users there. He tests them before shipping and he has great feedback.

When getting a kick harness though remember that the one for CPS1 is different from that of the CPS2. It’s very slight but you will need two if you want to go from playing say Champion Edition to Alpha 3.