[Jan 1, 2013] Odyssey's Fighting Tournament (Lebanon, IL)

We have just started holding fighting game tournaments here in Lebanon, IL. We generally play Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition, but we also dabble in any other fighting game people are interested to play. Just message me before hand and I will see if I can get the game up and running and get people to come and participate.

Since this place is small, this is a great way to get your feet wet in tournament play. Different players from the area are what will determine the skill level of this tournament. So far, we haven’t seen really high levels of gameplay. So please come up and join us!

It is free to join with no prize, but if we get enough people to show up, we will ask if people are interested in putting in $5-$10 towards a cash prize for the top players. I also try to put up these tournaments on youtube if you guys want to show off to your friends or whatever reason.

This runs every Tuesday at the shop. This is a small and local tournament for this area. If you live nearby or don’t mind the drive, come check us out. We don’t generally start until around 6-8 pm and lasts no later than 11 pm. Tournament with 8 players lasts about 3 hours and 4 players lasts about 2.

Don’t be shy, if you have extra time on your hands, you can come up early and just play some casuals with us or whoever else that shows up early.

There are times it might be cancelled. Please call before leaving to see if it is still on or if it has been moved. I will try to keep everyone updated. Here is the shop’s phone: (618) 808-0233. Call during shop’s hours.

Here is the first tournament we put up on youtube. The second one will be up soon.

The store has fallen under new management and the tournaments will be on hold until further notice.  Sorry for the late update!