[Jan 13, 2012] [Jan 13 - 16] PolyCon's Super Winter Game Convention (San Luis Obispo, CA)

PolyCon’s Super Winter Game Convention
Jan 13-16, 2012
Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Fri 5pm – 10pm Building 8
Sat 10am – Sun 11pm University Union
Mon noon – 5pm Building 8

Weekend pass: $15 or $10 per day (All Proceeds go to Game Theory/Poly Con)
Tournament Entry Fee: $10 per game ( Tourny fee goes towards prizes)

Pre-Register at: http://showdowntournaments.org/?page_id=93*
pre- Registration is strictly for tournament games. *The venue fee will still need to be paid at the door. ( We are working on getting our playes a discount on the weekend pass so I will keep you informed.)

[LEFT]Online pre-registration will be closed the morning of January 9th. You can still pre-register on Friday, January 13th, in building 8 at Cal Poly from 5:00 to 10:00[/LEFT]


Friday: 5:00 - 10:00 Casuals

3S: 11:00
Sc2: 12:00
UmvC3: 12:30
SSF4: 3:00
MK9: 5:00
Casuals when finished

3S Finals: 12:00
UMvC3 Finals: 2:00
SSF4 Finals: 4:00
SC2 Finals: 6:00
MK9 Finals: 7:00

Games will be played on the XBOX360
MK9 will be ran on PS3

Mk9, SSF4:AE, UMvC3, and Starcraft 2 will have a $100 Pot Bonus for 1st place.

Live Stream

Besides Video Game tournaments there will also be:

7 Wonders
Magic The Gathering
Warhammer 40k
Nerf wars

Pretty much board, card, miniatures, video and role playing games galore.


Twztid (possible)
Kamikaze 88
Michelangelo 88(possible)
H20 Farmer 88
Kaleb 88
Krazie Bone ( possible)
Wonder Chef ( Possible)
Wraith 88 (Possible)
Wound Cowboy 88 (possible)
Xblades (possible)
CaliJokerStyle (possible)
Mosp (possible)
Lethal Legend (possible)
Red Reaper (possible)
4-8 Cal Poly Students

Thanks for posting the info Dustin!

Pre-regged for 3S.