[Jan 14, 2012] Brawl in the Mall 1/14 King of Prussia, PA SSF4AE UMVC3 (King of Prussia, PA)

Saturday January 14th
Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2012 and Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3
Tournament starts at 1PM, casuals start at 11PM and will be held during and after tournament
$10 venue fee
$10 per game (100% goes to prize pool)

All games will be on Xbox 360
Double Elimination
2/3 rounds, 2/3 games
grand finals 3/5 games

at Comics and More in the King of Prussia Mall
690 W. Dekalb Pike, suite 2063
King of Prussia, PA 19406



ps3 or 360??

All 360. Last time lots of big name guys showed up and this time the turnout will be even bigger so come out for sure.

Nice thanks for the response, def going to come then

we should have extra sticks or whatnot if you need to borrow one


nick, harry, do we need anything else for this tournament? Last time I brought an xbox and a TV, I can def still do that (they’ll be with me for sure haha, I’m going here on the way back to school). I’m also gonna experiment with streaming over the next couple days – if that doesn’t work out, I at least wanna record and upload all of the tournament matches on one main setup to generate some more word-of-mouth moving forward, and I’ve already got all the recording equipment.

How far away is this place from philly?

It’s 16 miles down I-76, so like 20 minutes after you get on that.

can someone give me and dieminion a ride from philly if we decide to go?

I’ll be down