[Jan 14, 2012] Donkamania I - Las Vegas, NV - 1/14/12 (Las Vegas, NV)



Date: Saturday January 14, 2012
Time: Starting at 4pm
Location: Gemini Arcade Palace, 4180 South Sandhill Road
Entry Fee: $5 each game
Venue Fee: $3 each person
Payouts for all games is 70/20/10

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition 2012 Singles
PS3/360 (Whatever is available)
2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches, finals are 3/5
99 second time limit
Double Elimination
Winner may change ultra, but has to pick ultra first after loser picks character

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Singles
PS3/360 (Whatever is available)
2/3 matches, finals are 3/5
99 second time limit
Double Elimination
You may not use any glitch that prevents the game from being played. This includes game freezing, game resetting, player freezing, etc.
Winner must keep the same characters, but can switch assists.

King of Fighters 13 Singles
PS3/360 (Whatever is available)
Team VS (3on3)
2/3 matches, finals are 3/5
60 second time limit
Double Elimination
DLC characters available on both systems will be allowed

Mortal Kombat 9 Singles
PS3/360 (Whatever is available)
2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches, finals are 3/5
90 second time limit
Double Elimination
Latest patched version will be used
Use of any codes are banned
Kratos is banned

Event is BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller)

Players using any wireless pads or sticks must desynch them after their match. If not and this disturbs a match this will lead to a disqualification.

Vegas donks: TOFTS3 @ PSGLV 6/10/17 http://tinyurl.com/lv-tofts3

Also FYI we will be starting a new feature for Donkamania:

Title Defense
[]First place winner receives a belt along with the prize money
]The three games with the most entries from the past tournament are eligable
[]If the winner of the last tournament brings in their belt to the next tournament, they will be given the option to defend it
]Venue and entry fee for that game(s) are waived
[]Awarded a first round bye
]If the title holder does not show up to the next tournament or does not enter the game they currently hold the title in, they forfeit their title
[]Challenge matches for the title will be allow in between tournaments
]This is optional for the current title holder
[]If the title defender loses, the belt changes hands along with the benefits
]All challenge matches must be sanctioned by the Donkamania committee (aka just drop me a line for now)


Man they get belts? !!!1



The winner of the KoF 13 tournament will also get this framed poster, signed by Kei Yamamoto, the game design director.




VidPower when are we going to usher in the return of Project Justice? KoF is bringing out all the heavy PJ hitters like Josh, Jon, and Dick Pain. The question is will you be there when the shit goes down?


Nervous, this will be my first tournament. How many people come to the venue?


^^We usually get around 40-70 people depending on the day. As long as you don’t steal anybody’s fangers you should be fine.

@ Blood Feast: Bonus points for using Dick Pain.

ALSO FYI the tournament will be streamed by Top Tier Gaming as well.


Ohhhh yeahhhhhh. I’ll be there when the shit hits the fan.


i usually work during the weekends. do you guys usually have anything during the week @ gemini? i’ve never been to a tourney, but i would really love to check one out.


@ ohitsray: Check out this thread for gatherings during the week. We usually meet on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays.