[Jan 14, 2012] FADC 2 Super (Houston, Tx)

$10 venue fee (one time)
$10 per tournament

casuals will Begin at 1pm
tournament officially start at 3pm (no Later i will close brackets right at 2:55pm)

prize money will be divided from tournament fee

singles (if we can get a team tournament it will be 3v3, $15 per player)
all games will be double elimination

featured Games will be
SSF4AE 2012

all tournament games will be played on Xbox360

If I get enough people for sf3OE,MK, and ssbm, i will be happy to run it. minimum for each must be 10 people.

No Glitches are allowed in this tournament.



This sounds neat.

[SIZE=4]Shout outs to Planet Zero for helping us out with the tournament. Planet zero will be providing 5 Asus monitors to help us with the flow of the tournament. GET HYPE you guys we are 1 week away.[/SIZE]