[Jan 14, 2012] Michigan Ranbats ft. TFA BananaKen + more - AE/UMvC3/KoFXIII/MK9 (Troy, MI)

It’s that time again. Here comes the new MI Ranbats Season!!! Featuring the TFA crew, including BananaKen, WeaponsLeft, and more. And of course that one of a kind commentary :wink:

find the stream at: http://www.twitch.tv/addmitt


We are also in dire need of setups. PLEASE BRING SETUPS AND UPDATE ALL OF THE GAMES ON YOUR CONSOLE IF POSSIBLE. (We have setups, but the more, the better.) Tables help too!

For updates regarding the Ranbats message Daniel “ThaVoice” Streety on Facebook

I will also be posting new info regarding dates, locations, and up to the minute news from the tournaments.

WE WILL START ON TIME! This is a MALL people. Games will start 30 minutes after said time. (For warm-up purposes)


11:30 am - KoF XIII Registration (If setups are not brought, it will NOT be run)
{Will more than likely be ran on ps3 since only the ps3 owners brought the gear last time… o_O}
12:00 pm - KoF XIII START (If setups are not brought, it will NOT be run)

2:30 pm - Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (360) Registration

3:00 pm - Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (360) START

2:30 pm - Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition v2012 (360) Registration

3:00 pm - Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition v2012 (360) START

4:30 pm - MK9 (360) Registration

5:00 pm - MK9 (360) START

Fees and Prizes
All games are $10 each. $3 out of the 10 will go to the prize pool for the next Michigan Masters Exhibition. Venue is $5.

$7 will go to the prize pool for the current ranbat, and will be split 70/20/10.

$2 out of the 5 for venue will go towards TV’s, game systems, games, controllers, arcade sticks, repair, tables, etc. There will be a list so EVERYONE can see how much money was saved and/or what it was spent on. (We did not do this last time because of time constraints)

(Doc. Will be in the MFGC on Facebook)

Tourney schedules are subject to change.

Hope yall been practicing!


Live stream: http://www.twitch.tv/addmitt
Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/events/341228409239100/
MI Fighting Game Community Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/148687751876381/

Gonna be epic. Can’t wait.

I’ll bring a setup, but I’ll only be able to stick around for Marvel.

I’ll definitely be attending this, entering everything cept umvc3 :slight_smile:

Oh shit. BananaKen rolling through? #HYPE

I deleted the other thread to avoid confusion.

Everybody should come out to this if they can! It’s the easiest way to play/meet people in the community, and it’s always good times.

do I get bonus points? and yeah i’m going

^ 10 bonus points to you!


Bumpin. My two cents is these are good for players of any skill level. Also, we play everything, so it’s good for fans of any fighting game.

I’m in there

I’m going. Bringing a setup for KOF and other games.

Yo I’ve seen you around a couple times and see that you’re from A2. It’s Nick. Who you?

Cullen…I used to play CvS2, not sure if I know you though, I haven’t been playing much the past few years

I’m so glad this place is holding this every other sat. I couldn’t find a good scene till now.