[Jan 14,2012] Vancouver Street Battle 7 - SSF4AE 2012 / XBOX360

Hi boys and girls, with Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2012 Edition (what a long name) just freshly released, VSB crew is planning on putting together yet another awesome tournament adventure for you guys, it is DESTINED to happen just after the new years. Give you guys plenty of time to enjoy your holiday seasons and get used to your freshly rebalanced characters! Anywho here is le info!

Janusey 14, 2012

Espot Billiards & Arcades
Suite 160, 7951 Alderbridge Way, Richmond, BCV6X2A4

SSF4AE 2012 Singles.
(Best 2 out of 3, Double Elim)

SIDE TOURNAMENTS (if applicable)
SSF4AE 2012 Teams (3vs3)
(Double Elim, Character Lock)

Standard Payout to Top3 Singles and Teams

Registration 12:30-1:30
SSF4AE Teams 1:30 - 4:30
SSF4AE Singles 4:30 - Finish
Casuals (If we finish singles early enough)

SSF4AE 2012 Edition on Xbox 360 (Please bring your own stick/controller)
$10/participant for Singles
$15/team for 3v3 Teams

Venue Fee $15/participant or $10 if you Pre-Register before Jan 10, 2012.
To Pre-Register please email to vanstreetbattle@gmail.com with your name, we will provide you with a pre-reg #, PLEASE HAVE THIS # READY on the day of the tourny for it will speed up our registration process by a ton. :slight_smile:


Mods could you please sticky this thread? I’ve made sure to follow the guidelines perfectly this time. :slight_smile:

Good luck with this

just threw in my registration

step that shit up!

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Ah, Mr. Costa Fahrenheit, your concise and efficient articulation is absolutely radiant; breathtaking, as always. Dictator or no, you are ever the poet in our midst.

Don’t worry, got brand new zangief vs bison tech I’m holding for the tournament :smiley:

lol, i saw you over there with kenny at stronghold the other day bison and gief in training mode… i didn’t watch since i was casting with jackson but i know you’re hiding cards up your sleeve :wink:

come to think of it though, we rarely see each other in the tournaments anymore. i keep dying early :s

i should work on that first

I need some partners for the 3v3!

Just finished doing everybody’s pre-reg’s! See you guys today!

I suffer from acute fits of obsessive-compulsive anxiety and, as such, I require order in my life and order in my surroundings.

tournament results in tournament thread


How are you currently playing SFxT?

I’m sorry, I hope you don’t explode

Why doesn’t SRK have that smiley with the Geordie Laforge visor anymore?

I’m from the future, Navid. :cybot:

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