[Jan 15, 2012] Native Gaming Sunday, new for London, UK! (EC1A 9PN)


New Venue, New Name,
New Event, New games.

Nth Gen Interactive proudly presents Native Gaming Sundays! A new monthly event that happens every month, in a proper venue to ourselves in Central London Barbican, **Native Tongue **while keeping the venue fee at £5

We have a mix of CRTs and LCDs for people to use. Get your consoles together and lets play games. This event is not just limited to Fighting games, so people can bring in their bomberman/mario kart/tetris. However theres no guarantee that we will have enough screens to accomodate everything

Anyways lets get on with the details of the event itself. Pictures of the venue will go up on the first post whenever we actually take pictures

Pictures of the venue







Games List

These games will always have 1 guaranteed setup for this event. And will always be a priority to set up
[]Frost - Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code (PC)
]??? - Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend (PS3)
[]ZeroNiiro - King of Fighters 13 (PS3)
]Frost - Arcana Heart 3 (PS3)
[]Frost - Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (XBOX)
]Firei - Bomberman Blast (Wii)
[]Rayokarna - Eye of Judgement (PS3)
]Rayokarna - Phantasy Star (GC/PSP)
If you want to bring in a game, ask in the thread to let me know

Tournaments being run

Tournaments being run are (All free entry):

Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend
Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Arcana Heart 3
King of Fighters 13
Eye of Judgment
Bomberman Blast (Oops almost forgot about that)

These are all community ran however just like LGC. Fighting tournaments here though will be using the ELO system. The format is also dependant on how many enter.

[]Location: 13-17 Long Lane EC1A 9PN - Its a 30 second walk from the Barbican Tube Station
]Date: 15/01/2011
[]Venue opens at: 2pm
]Venue closes at: 10pm (but we start packing at 9:30)
[]Venue fee: £5
Important notes
]There is a 80 man cap on the venue. People will be allowed in on a first come first served basis.
[]No drinks or food will be allowed in the venue. We are at a bar so please buy drinks from there. Also they do student discounts. Bottled Water is fine though
]No Smoking
[]Please respect everybody in the venue, I mean everybody.
]NO SF4, SSF4, SSF4 AE, 2012 or BRAWL
[*]Also gahrling will be there to sell arcade stick parts, offer modifications, and do repairs so if you need anything done or to buy come down and let him know. Please contact him in advance on this website to avoid disappointment.
ELO System London

Yep, ELO Rankings. I’n my spare time I made this spreadsheet that will calculate ratings given to each player, using tournament results and attendance lists. Its a much fairer system in comparison to Ranking Battles because the points you gain (and maybe lose) depends on whos in the tournament. Its not a flat number, so tournaments with Highly Rated players will be worth more points in comparison to a tournament with nobodies. Also the points you gain depend on your current rating, if your highly rated and you come like 8th, your clearly not as good as your meant to be


Heres an example using random number generator to randomise places. (Will not be saved). See how the person who earns the most points isnt me with my 4-0 score, its Rayokarna because he has a 3-1 score and only 100 points, because he was below the average whereas I was above the average. Also note how Fuzzyness loses points for coming 8th because he is way above the average and performed poorly.

Hopefully this shows what the skill level for each player is “relatively” and it will let us do some proper seeding with no arguements instead of “hmm, i think we should seed x”

Currently only in affect for Blazblue and Arcana Heart, this list will be deciding who gets seeding placements in tournaments in future. I may be doing it for other games in the future.

Find the current rankings here - Or find a post by me and click the link in the sig

So yeah signup, register interest. Come to the event and play games.

Got any questions or want to bring a game to play with people? Ask in the thread!

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Also abit of advertisement for the guys, if you like comedy, buffets and music. The other events that happen in the Native Tongue may interest you. Visit the Native Tongue site to find out more!

gahrling edit I will update this thread with any new or important information when it becomes available. If you have any questions then I answer them. Hope to see lots of people there!

Sweet Jesus… just 2 days to go!

Some of the top KOF XIII players from the UK will be in attendance so we’ll see about getting some exhibition and grudge matches streamed.

The stream will be starting at approx 3pm today. Will post updates when necessary.

Over 50 people in attendance! The place is packed…