[Jan 18, 2012] Wednesday Night Brawls Weeklies @ Champps Restaruant (Raleigh, North Carolina)

Yeah guys come get some!!!

James is free

might come to this…what console? I only have a 360 stick…

It’s all played on 360, we allow others though to play with any controllers with the right adapters to play with said controllers. But the standard is 360 so you’re set.

awesome, I will most likely be there then

I was gonna try to make this, but I play ps3 pad :frowning:

Get a converter bro LOL we had plenty of ps3 pad players there.

Yeah I’m definitely gonna have to buy a converter…I thought about just showing up and seeing if someone would let me use theirs but didn’t want to chance it…but I’ll try to make the next one. Never been to a tournament before so I’m looking forward to it