[Jan 19, 2012] AirJuggle.com's - Super Based Fighter AE 2012 - Open Lobby XBLGT:... (Xbox Live)

We will begin broadcasting our open lobby in the morning until around midnight. We will be giving out a $20 dollar gift card for every 100 viewers in the stream. This is a good way to win some stuff and get some matches in with some other players as well as a good way to record some of your matches since they will be in the stream archive.

We usually stream SSF4:AE and UMVC3 but also stream 3SO and BBCS.

Just join our channel on Twitch.tv/AirJuggle
Or join our lobby by joining XBL gamertag: JulioRancho
Join us and make someones Sunday a salty Sunday.

Be sure to stop by AirJuggle.com for info on upcoming online tournaments and events.

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AirJuggle.com’s Facebook
AirJuggle.com’s Twitter
AirJuggle.com’s Youtube

im their i was at the tourney you were hosting so ill make it their.

just added you on XBL. gonna be there to whip some ass!

I will try and be there online tonight =)