[Jan 21, 2012] [Jan. 21, 2011] FatalKO Tournament Series! (St. Louis, MO) (Saint Charles, MO)

January 21, 2012

Fantasy Shop
2426 West Clay
St. Charles, MO 63301

AE2012 - $10
UMvC3 - $10
KoF13 - $10

All games will be best of 3
Winners/Losers/Grand finals will all be best of 5
Food and drink ARE allowed

**11AM - **Venue opens and setup/casuals begin
**1PM - **SSFIVAE2012
**3PM - **KoF13
**4PM - **UMvC3
**Midnight - **Venue closes and casuals end

This is the new tournament series for STL, since Aerial Raves have been absent as of late. One thing I can’t stress enough:


No setups = Shitty tournament. There’s no venue fee, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring a setup.

This being on the weekend means I can actually attend!! I just ordered an ASUS monitor EVO one and Ill gladly bring it and my xbox for setups. So this is going to be every month?

Yessir. Every third Saturday of every month unless stated otherwise.

Thread updated with rules and updated date, because it’s not happening last year.

Make the games $5 so I can have enough money to buy a lil caesar’s pizza to nurse my wounds after losing.

this is canned btw,pshit is to lazy to alert every1. =x

that blows, was looking forward to this