[Jan 21, 2012] (January 21st and 22nd)Caroline Hummel 2nd Annual SIDS Fundraiser... (Richmond, Va)

On Jan 21st and 22nd it’s that time of the year again where we fight for SIDS as gamers again. My daughter passed away in November of last year and we had a very successful tournament in raising over 1000 dollars to donate to SIDS. My daughter passed away at 2 months old. I want to make this a tournament major for not only the east coast but the one tournament that I can walk away with 0 dollars earned and donate all my registration and donations to SIDS. We will also have the Winners of each tournament walk away with a huge amount of money as well.

-This will be a 2 day event (venue TBD) definately a Richmond hotel
-15 dollar pre registration…20 dollars at the door
-There will be at least a 250 dollar pot bonus for each Game Ultimate MVC3 and The updated AE Streetfighter
-Character Auction tournament with half going to the winner and half being donated
-Sponsors and huge commentators…hopefully I get a volunteer but I’m hoping maybe UltraDavid or Skisonic? I’m also gonna talk to Seth if I see him at my Gamestop Conference
-Big Stream…(Does Spooky wanna be a big part of a Charity/huge gamer tournament?..I think so)
-Plenty of Set-ups, Casuals, Money Matches at Night streamed and one of the First Major UMVC3 and Updated AE tourneys.
-Pools will be run by Tournament Staff to make tournament finish in a timely fashion
Here are the Games!!!

-UMVC3-$10 per entry Double Elim with 250 Dollar pot bonus! 4th place gets free copy of the game for either System

-SSF4AE update edition $10 per entry Double Elim with 250 Dollar pot bonus! 4th place gets a free copy on the PC

-3rd Strike Online $5 dollar entry double Elim

-MK9 $10 per entry Double Elim

-BBCS2 $5 per entry Double Elim

-Side tourneys by request or if the game is out by then…Tekken Tag 2, Skull girls, Arcana Heart, KOF 13, I am willing to listen this tourney is Two Days!!!

—Character Auction!!! Your character is whatever your willing to pay for it!!! Winner gets half and half goes to SIDS!!!

Most Important I’m not making a DIME and all is getting Donated for a good cause in the name of the SRK community. I hope all the East Coast and some other parts of the US want to be a part of this! Big E, Robin, Larry if you guys wanna help let me know. I know i’m a good tournament organizer I just would like some experience if you guys wanna help!
I need volunteers from RVA or wherever this is gonna be big!

I will set up a Paypal for Pre Reg and have a master list so everyone knows who is coming.
Donations can be made regardless of entering and will be donated along with the rest of the money to SIDS from the SRK community!

Stay Tuned for more details… Start the conversation Spread the word and start telling us your coming!