[Jan 21, 2012] MAXOUT KC S5E4 Featuring SSFIVAE, UMVC3, T6, BB, MK and... (Overland Park, KS)

Welcome to the SEASON 5 Episode 3 of Kansas City’s only monthly tournament series!

PLEASE PRE REG AT THIS LINK : http://kcsrk.challonge.com/

Venue:The Buzzz (Booze and Blues)
Location:** 12056 W 135th St, Overland Park, KS 66221**
Easy access from I-35 Highway
Date:** Saturday, January 21st**

Start Time: Doors will open for games at 12 PM
Venue Fee: $5 - $3 - Free (depending on equipment brought)
Price per game: $10/$5


None yet

Super Street Fighter IV AE (PS3) $10
Marvel vs Capcom 3 (PS3) $10
King of Fighters XIII (PS3) $10

Tekken 6 : Bloodline Rebellion (PS3) $5
BlazBlue Continuum Shift (PS3) $5
Mortal Kombat 9 (PS3) $5

Games on hand interest permitting :

Street Fighter 3 : 3rd Strike
Arcana Heart 3

Casuals and Registration start at 12 PM (or sooner)
Tournaments begin no later than 1 PM
All tournaments and casuals will end by 7:30 PM


All tournaments will be 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Matches, Double elimination unless listed otherwise.
Top 4 in each tournament will switch to 2/3 rounds, 3/5 matches.

If you wish to change controls, do so prior to the match during a button check. If you begin the match with the wrong controls, that is too bad. If you pause the match or attempt to restart because your controls were messed up, you forfeit your match.
If you wish to use multi button binds for other games, it will have to be at the affirmation of your opponent.
Default button binds are exempt from this rule
Winner keeps same character, loser may select a new one
All games will be played on random stage select

T6 will be 3/5 rounds, 2/3 Matches.

Blind character selection may be requested if a counter pick is a concern. In this case, one of the staff may be called upon to get the selection of both characters from the competitors.

If you are called for a match, you will have 5 minutes (which is VERY lenient) to get to your station and play. If you fail to get to your station, you will forfeit the match. This is not true in the case of someone playing in another game if they are called to play. This is the only exemption. Making your opponents wait is rude, and it also holds up the progress of our bracket. Be courteous. If you are in a tournament that is on going, then stick around. If you need to go smoke, do it fast, and continue your conversations back in the tournament room.

Regarding PS3 pads Do not turn your pad ON until you have synced it to a system using a USB cord. PLEASE turn OFF your pad following the end of your match. This has been an issue in the past, and this negligence isn’t going to be tolerated. It’s disruptive to the people who come to play after you. Failure to turn off your pad will result in an automatic disqualification which will count as a loss in your tournament record. A second offense will result in your forfeit from the tournament.

Bring your OWN EQUIPMENT In many cases, I see people needing to wait around because either they left their stick/pad at home, or they lent it out to someone else. This is UNACCEPTABLE. If you are going to a tournament, then you should at LEAST have your own equipment. If I have to wait on someone because they lent out their equipment, I will be very unhappy. I’ll bring extra pads, and an extra stick of my own for this at this tournament, but PLEASE bring your own equipment so we can keep things running smoothly.

If you CAN, please bring SETUPS This is more of a request, but depending on what you bring, and what we use, you will be given a discount.

  • A setup (PS3 with Monitor) means you pay nothing.
  • A PS3 OR Monitor/TV and you pay $3
  • No PS3 or Monitor/TV and you pay the full $5.

If people can bring setups (PS3’s, games, MONITORS) then PLEASE do. We were ridiculously short handed on equipment last time, and this makes it nearly impossible to run these tournaments smoothly. I’d like to be able to do a variety of games, and not have to kick people off casual stations, but in order to do this, we NEED to have as many setups as we can. I understand the inconvenience of unplugging and hauling Playstations and monitors, but it would help our tournament run more smoothly, and quickly, an allow everyone to play the games that they want to play.

The venue is a Bar and Coffee House. It also serves a wide variety of food, so people don’t have to leave the venue to get something to drink or eat. And if celebrating your recent victories, or drowning your sorrows over your recent ass-beatings is your pleasure, the bar is open all day and night.

See everybody there.

Chris C (FuLLBLeeD) -Overland Park, KS - Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition v2012, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

The potential for me to show up and eat a Fatal Fury hat is high, provided someone will bring one.

**Just setup the challonge pre-registration site please use that instead of posting in the srk forum since I wont be checking to see what games you are gonna play from there. You would make my life easier and we will first serve you when collecting money for registration.

And again as always if you dont see a tournament there that you want us to run please tell me and ill will post it up. Please note that tournaments will only be played if they have at least 8 or more entries. I dont wanna run a 4 man round robin just because you guy dont play enough in casuals. If you wanna win money against one another play a MM.


John please update all sites that involve that involve maxout. TY

Done, sir.

You put an AH3 bracket in there but not BB? I mean it’s cool that AH3 is in there but there’s a much higher chance of BB actually having 8 people than AH3…

whatcha talking bout ryan I put bb in there. Its in the middle

??? For the 1/21 tournament, I see: AH3, SF Singles, 3S, MK9, UMvC3 Singles, T6, KoF13, and Mystery. I’m not crazy I promise.

Maybe there’s a glitch with the site cause I checked like 3 times today homie. It should be between MK9 and UMvC3.

melty blooood

I put MB just for you Raith. Now get me those sign ups

omg why did I just sign up for MB

because you are the poverty fighting game king ryan

I’m not seeing Blazblue for signups, just when I do in the future.

ok after a week of wondering what was happening i figured out what was wrong with bb sign ups. i forgot to link them to the site. it should be up now

Forgot to ask off work :confused: If I’m lucky, maybe I can sign up for something that hasn’t started yet? I’ll show up later for casuals regardless.