[Jan 21, 2012] Online Xbl tournament for safe 4 AE 2012 (Were ever you live)

This is going to be a Xbl tournament of ssf4 (super street fighter 4 ae 2012)

Time- 7:30 sharp but be online by 7:00est time zone.
Also registry will be closed the day of the tournament at 6:00pm est time zone.

By signing up just reply to this thread with your gamertag.

Rounds- 3
Time limit- 99sec
Their will also be a character lock for the winner their will also be a best of 3 so the first to 2 wins, win their match-up, their will also be a losers bracket, so don’t think your out so fast.

1- falcon Edward
3-Wayne elledge
4-Me (MRZ DEMON 4 U)
6- flash house
7-Los fragnos
9- vl royalmist lv

<iframe src="http://challonge.com/Xbltourney/module?width=600&height=120"
frameborder=“0” scrolling=“no” allowtransparency=“true”></iframe>

I also what to thank the contestant for joining and their will be a tournament this Wednesday, and sunday same time and I’ll put up a thread and hope to see you all their and the link above this message is the bracket list with the winners so I hope you guys enjoyed the action and hope to see you in my next tournament, also last not I will be building a sort of relationship with you guys to get better and more Xbl fam so thanks and see ya :slight_smile:

Gamertag: Wayne Elledge

Ok I’ll add you to the list!!!


Iight I got you…

GT- Flash House

Iight I got ya

GT-Los Fragnos

Also any one can join age appropriate of course that can play the game. But if you have friends wo want to play they spread the word, also the tournament is tomorrow so I hope you all will be ready, and have a lot of fun. Can’t wait to chat with you guys yo.

GT - roknin

A send me a friend request it says your gamertag doesn’t exist

GT- vl royalmist lv