[Jan 21, 2012] Saturday Night Fight Club (Charleston, SC)


Tournament Canceled sorry.

Columbia, SC: We Now Play A Bit of Everything
Upstate SC: We're so good we don't even have to PLAY. And out-of-towners post FOR us
Charleston, SC: Mastodons and Money Matches, But No Meth
Charleston, SC: Mastodons and Money Matches, But No Meth

I love it… this is way more reasonable for me to attend!

Also i dont think its fair that you cant change your assists in UMVC3 but you can change your ultra in AE and Order in 13.
Oh and if your are down i think we should get some KOF in! Im free a lot on nights… if you are interested. I know Lateef wants to play too!


The UMVC3 rules are the same as the MVC3 Rules at EVO, thats the only reason I keep them that way. I think is unfair too tbh. and yeah I can help you with KOF. Add me on XBL: SRKDrFaust


Next saturday is up in the air depending if i have to work or not. If i do work I’ll text thomas and let him know im be in that direction. Anji is it possible u can put me on the bottom bracket?


I’ll try making out to this one and I’m entering everything :3


Hay guys please bring your setups, We may use them we may not but hay you can’t go wrong with having too many set ups


Bring setups please


I hope you guys are playing MK, because I’m going to be King of Free 13.


This is my RSVP


Tournament Canceled Sorry.