[Jan 21, 2012] Street Fighter Madness 5 (Fort Worth, Texas)

Original FB event page

This is Harold Houston (Batou is my nickname, you’ll hear it often) and I came here to post our annual monthly tournaments.

We have these tournaments every month and we want you all to come over and play with us.
Sharpen your skills and see how you fare against other competitive players.

Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition : 10

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 : 10

The store is called Evolution Gamez but you will see EVO GAMES as their sign.
Just giving you a fair warning.

The store has a venue fee of 5 dollars a player, not per event. You only need to pay it once to enter any or all events we have.

Please be respectful of the store, it’s owners, and the customers that may enter the store during the tournament.

You may bring food and drinks but be sure to clean up after yourselves or you can bring your mom to do it. Either way we aren’t going to lol.

Remember we host these every month and so I’ll be posting these each month to remind people of what’s going down. In the future we will be hosting more KoFXIII, Tekken 6 and also Arcana Hearts/BlazeBlue if we get enough people to show faith in coming to participate.

Here is my FB so add me if you have any particular questions:

Here is the store’s FB if you have any concerns from them:
http://www.facebook.com/evolution.gamez (1 817.585.1399 is their number)

Also the store buys, trades, and hosts tournaments of their own. Magic, Yugioh and other card games as well so check that out while you are there. Bring any old vintage games, systems and whatnot and get CASH or store credit. Their prices beat out Gamestop by miles. Just throwing that out there too…

Thank you and come out to play with us :slight_smile:

No stream, This sounds like a great venue, my name is menace and am currently looking for a venue to host a big mk9 tournament (approx 75 people showing up to play mk9) please let me know who can i talk to in regards to this event. thanks