[Jan 21, 2012] The "RANBAT" RANBAT at SUPER ARCADE! Tournament + FIlm Shoot(Walnut, CA)



Date: Saturday, January 21st, 2012
Time: Noon
Place: Super Arcade
Entry Fee: $10
Game: SSFIV AE 2012
UPDATE: Offcast will be streaming the festivities!
Facebook Event Page: http://www.facebook.com/events/293180284063249/

What’s Going On?:

[LEFT]On January 21st 2012, we will be filming the big tournament scene for the new film about the FGC called RANBAT. So we thought… why not actually have a tournament and put that in the movie? Actually, Justin Wong, James Chen and Mike Watson thought of that, and we totally took their suggestion.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Anyway, On Saturday January 21st we will be holding a tournament at Super Arcade for SUPER STREET FIGHTER IV AE 2012-- and will be shooting it for use in the upcoming film. It’ll work like a normal tournament— except for the fact that we’re filming this giant movie at the exact same time. We’ll need the people who sign up to fill in as extras in the crowd during the down time of some of their matches-- as well as take center stage as actual players in the middle of a match. A couple things I should mention though:[/LEFT]
[][LEFT]We want both sides of this to go very well, however **filming is a PRIORITY. In order for this to go smoothly everybody will need to be on their marks during the day. **I’ll give out more details as the time comes.[/LEFT]
][LEFT]By signing up for the tournament we need you to be in the film. Whether as an extra or a somebody playing on the main setup. It’s not super difficult work-- just bring some energy during when you film! It’s kind of the major reason we’re doing this.[/LEFT]
[][LEFT]Do NOT talk about fight club.[/LEFT]
][LEFT]I will see what I can do for procuring food for you guys on the day of. If budget allows, I’ll order food or something. For now it’s TBA though.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]That being said, if you’re a part of the SoCal scene-- PLEASE come down and support! I’d like the people in this film to be the players and not just random film actor extras. There’s an authenticity I want present in this, and you guys bring that to the table. So this Saturday, head down to Super and hang with us. Should be hype.[/LEFT]

[LEFT](Note: We’re going to try and cap it at 64. But I don’t want to actually type out the numbers right now, so please pre-register in this thread and I’ll type them out soon as I’m home.)[/LEFT]

[LEFT]-Zaid Tabani[/LEFT]


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Put me on the list as Kapwan, por favor.


I’ll be running the tournament, so you guys know how it goes. Bring the hype! Have fun! Win some money! :slight_smile:


Update: Offcast will be streaming the festivities Saturday =)


TTC “Noah The Prodigy” Will Attend