[Jan 21st, 2012]YRSF Presents: The Double Barrel - Underdogs Redux Results

The Double Barrel is a wrap!

On behalf of YRSF, I hope that everyone in attendance had a good time. We managed to pack in over 130 bodies at the A & C World Venue! The energy and hype in that room yesterday was palpable.

It was pretty chaotic at times and we did our best to ensure everything went smoothly.

So many people contributed and helped out to make this event a success and we would like to say a big Thank you to the following people:

-Gar and Chang from A & C Games/World for providing us with the great venue.
-Vince “RXS” Hui for providing the godlike stream
-Russell, Emily, Tee-Vo, Zako, Eddie, BlitzMan, and everyone else who helped out with managing and running those huge brackets, calling matches and helping out.
-Big shout outs and thank you to all the raffle prize donations from local small businesses who support our scene: Omega Collectables, A&C Games, GDLK Apparel, Heroes World, and Help*Computer Consulting
-A huge thank you to everyone who lent software and/or hardware for the event

Last but definitely not least I’d like to thank everyone who came out to participate or spectate. If this was your first tournament I do sincerely hope it was not your last and look forward to seeing you all again in the very near future.

Congratulations to all the Winners!

We’ll have some pictures up on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/YRSF.Omega

Don’t forget to show us some love by liking the page or hit us up on the web and Twitter

Chivalry is Dead - Femme Fatales Ladies-only AE2012
5 entrants

1: Emlarr ($35.00)
2: Becca Blade ($10.00)
3: charmarmar ($5.00)
4: Amy
5: MommyOmega

SSFIV: AE2012 Underdog Redux
74 Entrants

1: Avery ($511.00)
2: Jayssan ($146.00)
3: Jchan ($73.00)
4: sector7eleven
5: Megaman
5: GDLKLarz
7: Sprink
7: MoneyMarv
9: DJ Kun
9: kevin nguyen
9: dabmai
9: TTT Calamity
13: Munk
13: Count
13: Joe Williams
13: Kstoute
17: Zerogue
17: MLG Fearless
17: Tik-Tok
17: Jungler
17: Mr. Bison
17: J Wong
17: Dale
17: Express
25: Badroc
25: pizzagoop
25: zako
25: CalvinTekken
25: Chowwun
25: Superbeard
25: El-Nilo
25: Wil
33: Hao Nguyen
33: austintacious
33: Becca Blade
33: Lolimar
33: Syn13
33: Jon
33: kog
33: Darran
33: Luis G.
33: Tareq
33: Kellfire
33: Mr. MKL
33: Skyheavy
33: Puremsz
33: JadenThunder
33: The Siv
49: Saggylights
49: Visioning
49: Allen N.
49: Magus
49: paradox
49: CBC TheIceman
49: Emlarr
49: Surge
49: Wrolf
49: BrotherlyColt
49: MrTShirt
49: Jing
49: Worldjem
49: Leo
49: Tilbar
49: Rene
65: HiFive
65: Duckie
65: Satoshi
65: randyx
65: Steve
65: Locust
65: Zin
65: JoshGetsHype
65: Alex M
65: Payback-Ironman

UMVC3 Underdog
63 Entrants

1: Chokehold ($434.00)
2: anash ($124.00)
3: Alvin Wong ($62.00)
4: teddy
5: Jing
5: Austintacious
7: MikeyMike
7: Joe
9: rikir
9: Eddie
9: diobrando
9: felipito
13: Luis G.
13: avaricex
13: Tee-vo
13: DarkDeath
17: chachaman
17: PHC
17: japots
17: Flip General
17: (DTC)Viewtality
17: Wolfblood
17: Surge
17: Pizzagoop
25: BtangPhail
25: Zako
25: Mr.MKL
25: Allori
25: Drager
25: lolimar
25: (DTC)MoehunterXP
33: DTC_KZero
33: TheSiv
33: hvy
33: Alex M.
33: DTC welcome to die
33: T-Shirt
33: danito
33: Count
33: zewo
33: jerico
33: spoonr
33: traninho
33: MLG_Fearless
33: Purplefierce
33: Deathcakes
33: Killacam
49: Buenob
49: CBC Iceman
49: Hao Nguyen
49: kog
49: Skyheavy
49: Brotherlycolt
49: RandyX
49: Leo7
49: Ralph
49: Magus
49: Payback Ironman
49: hg strum
49: Netherwake
49: Mr.Bison
49: Shinken

Highlight of the night, obviously, finals! Balrog! WIN!

Thank you all for attending this tourney. Rae and I had a lot of fun commentating matches for marvel and we hope to see you all again. With that being said, I hope to see more of you guys in regular tournaments and really help support our scene. Congrats to all the winners but I think you guys should compete with the big dogs to really level up your game. So no excuses! And, I will see you all in the next tourney. Cheers!


I raise you one IRL headbutt sir

This is true


First tournament of the year, first tournament in a long while (my last tournament was… what, T11?). I had a lot of fun being able to see some old faces (and I guess rivalries). Shoutouts to the winner of the tournament plus everyone whom I faced (I lost to Kstoute and Sprink), Larz for that one time at fan expo (didn’t even realize it was you and don’t worry, I’ll buy something from GDLK in the future), Joe for coming down and play, Tiger Slap (I think, I’m forgetting names) for the support, Emily for winning the Femme Fatales Tournament and everyone who made this tournament possible. The entire place was extremely packed so it was a bit difficult to move around and watch matches. Otherwise, great turnout I think and next time, I want to help out with the brackets and whatnot.

Btw, is the brackets available for everyone to see? :eek:!

I was gonna win until I took a headbutt in the face.

Shoutouts and GGS to everyone I played, especially to MikeyMike for beating me… twice. Your zoning is tough to crack T_T.

And dammnit, I was late for AE ._.

I told the guys on irc I’d be ranked 49th … and I am ranked 49th along with many others. Had a lot of fun and got to meet some new people this time around again. I definitely need to play more though. :stuck_out_tongue:

gg’s to everyone i played(except for the guys who beat me, rikir and alvin -___- lol) :smiley: had lots of fun this tournament and congrats to chokehold for winning. hopefully i can come out to toronto more and improve my game this year. shoutouts to dan hibiki for getting me 33rd in AE :wink:

Great tourney, thanks to everyone who made it happen, YRSF, Vince, Russell/Raymond and all the other bracket runners.

Shoutouts to my boy Charles THE CHOKEHOLD for winning marvel, lady luck likes to hang out with the guys who practice hardest, and there was no doubt you practiced the most. I’m happy you held it down for all of Sauga :smiley:

Scruffs, you have a sick balrog and I hope you come out to more tourneys to show you werent a fluke. From what I’ve heard from people online, you have talent and you should show up to more tourneys to show it off some more.

Anash good job on winning the salty runback, you should’ve won our first match but Marvel is Marvel lol. I hope you continue to grind at A&C because you seem to like the game a lot more than myself.

Anti-shoutouts to everyone who whined about not being in the tourney or whining about people who were allowed. It’s cuz of people like you that the scene doesnt get these kinda numbers regularly. You all know who you are. This tournament wasn’t about fully competent play or any one person, but throughout the tourney all I heard were people laughing at donks on the stream, talking shit about myself or _____ being in it, or people hiding in the corner playing casuals instead of hyping and supporting people who may never get that chance again. Hopefully if we have another one of these tournaments there will be way less drama about whos in or whos not, because that’s not what this tourney was about. So much negative attitude towards such a hype tourney, was kinda disappointing to see.

I watched the stream archive with djHuoshen when we came back.
I was very impressed with this tournament and was hella surprised that a lot of people came out.
Good shit and I’ll show up to the next one.

ps. I think Underdogs tourneys is a very good concept and more of them should be ran to garner more interest for future talent to come up (once every two months?).

Thanks to TTT, YRSF, A&C, GDLK and anyone else who helped out in the event. It was one of the most hype events I’ve been to in a long time.

My advice to all the players that want to get better, you’re only as good as the people you play with. That’s why its so beneficial to come out to places like A&C World on Wednesday. You get exposed to different styles of play, learn how to play certain characters, and learn your bad habits. You can get away with so much stuff online but when you play offline, its a whole different game. Especially when you have Rebelo screaming in your ear.

or headbutting your face trollface but jing is right :smiley: play with the people in your community so you can get better and better :smiley:

Just like to shout out to my sponsor DAT and thanks to the organizers.

You were supposed to win this thing jing! A bit disappointed I couldn’t play more casuals…

shout out to my boy felipe who was rocking a 360 pad like it wasn’t a handicap and to joe who was reppin the other spider-man.

I love the venue but it wasn’t suited for an event that size. then again, the turnout was pretty massive and the organizers did a good job of keeping everything in line, bracket mixup aside

Sup guys, its MikeyMike. Just wanted to say that I had a great tournament experience and definitely hope to come out to more events to level up. It was my first time playing on a stream, and it was cool that I was able to play like 3 times on stream for mvc.

Shoutouts to Jing for hitting me with the slowest overhead in the game. Twice. lmao, and level 3 skrull is no joke. Rikir, we had really close sets and it could have went either way. Hope to get more games with the both of you. And Dale, it was nice catching up with you bro. Small world.

Rawrr… I better start seeing you more often at tournaments. :3