[Jan 22, 2012] Shadowloo Night Live X OzHadou Regionals (Southbank VIC)

Shadowloo Night Live this week will feature tournaments for Super Street Fighter IV: AE’ 12 and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. The winner of each tournament will win a flight to OzHadou Nationals X in Sydney.

When: Sunday, Jan 22nd, 2012.
Where: M9 Bar at Galactic Circus - Crown Casino
Melbourne, Australia.

OzHadou nationals X is a part of the EVO tournament seeding, so there is EVO points on the line and possibly a trip to EVO for the winner.

Check out all the info here if you can make it.
Shadowloo Night Live X OzHadou Nationals

For those who can’t, make sure you tune into the LIVE stream @ 12:30pm AEST (Melbourne, Australia time).
Shadowloo @ TwitchTV